Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year Dudes!

May you fly into '07, and let there be peace amongst all the dudes in the year to come. Thanks to the Dude for bringing the dudes online.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Things Added to Blog!

Dudes, Please note the new section entitled "Favorite Blogs." But this post is mostly to announce that Dude Committee favorite Brian Kane has also started his blog; and apparently, he has a lot more time to kill than we do, as the posts are more than 2 sentences long.

Brian, I'm still not too impressed... Thus far, no mention of Steffi Graf.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Countdown to the End of the Cowboys' Season: 11 Days

Since Head Dude did not solicit my opinions in his last post, I thought I'd put up this countdown calendar as my contribution today

Questions for the Dudes

With Weitao's and my daily rants losing steam as the Rockets slide and the Texans prepare to conclude another losing season, I thought it time to solicit hot sports opinions from the other dudes, namely:

1) Undude, how are we feeling about the Pats' chances? What about the signing of Dice-K?
2) Tylwalk, after last night, how are you feeling about the arrival of AI? What about when Carmelo returns? Looking forward to a path through Seattle and Chicago on the way to New Orleans?

If I may recommend one book to the dudes as the year concludes, it's Jack McCallum's "Seven Seconds or loss", an inside look on his time spent as an "assistant coach" with the Suns all of last season. Given that I think we're all pretty big NBA fans, it's a great read and is built around their three playoff series against the Lakers, Clippers and Mavs. Obviously I had personal interest with the latter, but it breaks down player resentment towards Amare, Marion's fragile ego, their diminishment of the Lakers and Kobe, etc. etc. A quick read and definitely worth the time.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Who Cares if He's Not Actually a Good QB?

Apparently, life is still good for Tony Romo, who has now apparently moved from Jessica Simpson onto Carrie Underwood.

Vote for Rory!!

Just a few days left that you can vote for Rory Fitzpatrick to start in the NHL All Star game. It's a fever that is sweeping the nation!! It's one way to drown your sorrows after losing to a team led by Jeff Garcia, in 2006.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Holidays Dudes!!

Instead of gloating in another dude's disappointment over the falling of his favorite athlete, I choose to celebrate these last few days by wishing all the dudes (and those whom the dudes hold dear) a very happy holiday season!!

Thanks for all your contributions to the blog during the past year, and I look forward to your continuing contributions next year!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sometimes you roll craps

Snake bitten more than a giraffe in the desert.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

LiveBlog 3: Duke (sans Redick) v. Gonzaga (sans Morrison)

Assuredly, this will settle the debate of which school has the bestest whitest basketball program

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dude Hall of Fame Inductee: Jose Lima

During the late 1990s, Lima-Time was party time for the Astros and the Dudes. As the brash and flamboyant Astros hurler piled up wins and strikeouts, he also won over the Committee. The Dude introduced the exclamation, "It's gonna be Lima Time!" to the rest of the dudes; and soon, all good times became, well, Lima Time!!!

A strike at the lanes?? It's Lima Time!!

A hole in one on the cheese hole?? It's Lima Time!!

Of course, an Astros win in the playoffs?? It's Lima Time!!

And a Rangers win in the playoffs?? Wait, nevermind, that never happened.

Even when Lima Time became longball time when the Astros moved into then-Enron Field, the dudes always remembered the magic of Lima Time during his prime in 98-99.

For bringing laughter and life into the dudes' lives, the Dude Committee proudly honors Jose Lima as an unanimous member of the Dude Committee Hall of Fame.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006

Dude Committee Athletes of the Week

I'll beat Weitao to the punch, with a more deserving group of honorees. The Duke Women plowed through three top-25 opponents this last week with ease, rolling Rutgers by 40, Vandy by 21, and Texas by 28. Showing this season should be no drop-off from the last one, and for being Duke's team most likely to bring home hardware in March, the women are this week's Dude Committee Athletes of the Week. If only it wasn't too late for Weitao to salvage his 10-year bet!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

LiveBlog2: Cowboys v. America's Team

Why the Astros screw all Dudes

So because Houston was too cheap to give Pettite an extra $2 million, all dudes suffer.
First, the Astros likely lose both Pettite and Clemens now, and even with Carlos Lee "patrolling" left field, they're destined for another mediocre season, unless they consummate a deal for Jon Garland, which also will lead to mediocrity assuming he again demonstrates that 2004 was a one-time thing. Second, the Red Sox take a blow, because it looks like they may not sign Matsuzake, and now will watch as the Yankees get Pettite and, inevitably, Clemens too. So even with Julio Lugo at short, something tells me that won't be enough.
Third, the Rangers. Well, they were destined for mediocrity anyway, and arguably this helps their 1-in-a-1000 changes of finally getting Clemens, but I'm not betting on it.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another Great Piece From Paul Shirley

This most recent effort from my favorite ESPN writer discusses the origin of the author's idolization of Larry Legend, and how Bird's race impacted that idolization. As a contributor to a blog that strives to talk about non-Texas sports, I immediately thought to share this piece, and ask the Dudes, which athlete did you first remember idolizing??

For me, it was Warren Moon... When I first stepped off the boat in 1987, I pretty much immediately began watching all the sports through my rabbit ears TV. And watching the Oilers when they played became, instantly, must see TV. As a Chinaman with no coordination, I harbored no visions that I could one day be Warren, but it never stopped me from wanting to pretend to be Warren when I played touch football with the other kids in the apartment complex. I would mimick his drop-back, his mannerism, his cadence, and it had nothing to do with the fact that Warren was Chinese. Mostly, because he wasn't Chinese.

Since then, other sports figures have captured my imagination: Hakeem the Dream, Craig Biggio, Shane Battier, and Yao Ming - just to name the most prominent ones that come to mind. But for a 10-12 year-old fresh off the boat, no one could ever surpass the grace of Mr. Moon.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Broadway is Dark Tonight

Farewell to the original Broadway Joe, at least the original dude Broadway Joe, who announced his retirement today after 20 years and one Conn Smythe. May the second Broadway Joe follow you into the old folks' home soon.

The Absurdity of Winning

* Alert - This post does not relate to Texas

Over the last 24 hours, the Boston Red Sox have signed JD Drew for 5 years at 14 million per; and Julio Lugo for 4 years at 9 million per.

JD Drew replaces, in effect, Wily Mo Pena in the lineup; while Julio Lugo replaces Alex Gonzalez.

During the 2006 season, JD Drew recorded a WRAP (Wins Above Replacement Player) of 7.3; Wilo Mo Pena, in roughly 3/5 of the ABs, recorded a WRAR of 2.3, which extrapolates (roughly) to a WRAR of 3.8 for the same number of ABs as Drew. Julio Lugo recorded a WRAP of 3.4; Alex Gonzalez had a WRAP of 1.5 in slightly fewer ABs, or roughly a 1.6 equalized to Lugo's ABs.

In summation, the Red Sox gain roughly 5 wins in those two transactions, translating to a whopping $5 million per win. Add those 5 wins to the Red Sox ledger last year, they finish 6 back of the Yankees and and 4 back of the wild card.

For some additional perspective, the notorious free-spending Yankees had a baseball-leading payroll of $198 million last year, and recorded 97 wins - translating to roughly $2 million per win. The Minnesota Twins, the team with the widely-recognized best GM in baseball, had a payroll of $64 million last year, and recorded 96 wins - translating to roughly $ 2/3 million per win.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What Streak???

Bringing back an old Sportswrap feature, the Dude Committee proudly honors its Athlete of the Week for the week ending in 12/4/06. The winner: the magnificent Gilbert Arenas. "Captain Zero" Arenas poured in 38 with 8 dimes in leading his 7-10 Wizards over those hated Mavericks, ending that Mavs' win streak we've heard so much about.

Gilbert Arenas, for performing some wizardry on the Mavs' win streak, you are the Dude Committee's Athlete of the Week

Monday, December 04, 2006

Journey on TV Alert!!

Tonight at 6 on the Deuce... The Journey takes on the Fightin' Rutgers!! Be There or Be Mike King! (I have no idea what that means)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Cautionary Tale on Joel's Hubris

Let(t) this image be a reminder of what may become of premature celebrations of winning streaks, destiny, and the like


What better timing to bring a Tylwalk in the world? When America's Team is destined for a return to greatness!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Congratulations to the Franchise!

Well, we will excuse his absence from the Blog the last few days. Tylwalk announced that the Dudes: Next Generation kicked off today with the birth of Elizabeth Tylwalk.

Congrats all around!!!

Rumor has it, Tylwalk has already picked out the 1st bed time story: "How to Calculate Pot Odds"

Modo and JB -- Match Their Bold Statements

The two athletes share something in common besides one narrowly missing election to the Dude Hall of Fame, and the other being a candidate when he hangs up his skates -- their love of Dallas. One, it was reported this morning, got engaged to Willa Ford last week. The other boldly proclaimed on ESPN last night that the Mavs were his unquestioned pick to take home the NBA title, saying it's the Mavs and Spurs and nobody else is even close. Who said which? You decide.

Friday, December 01, 2006

More Fodder for the Plaque

With his place in the Dude Hall of Fame secure (though not his coronation via the Blog, Joel), the Pleamaker added some spice to his induction ceremony with his racist, ill-conceived and lamentable blast on Tony Romo's ancestry this past week...

Of course, Head Dude made no mention of it, just like he dismissed off hand Nate Newton transporting a half ton of weed; or the Pleamaker snorting coke with hookers in a hotel room; or Leon Lett's many missteps with the law...

'Boys will always be 'Boys... Alas, the Pleamaker continues to ensure that the reputation of America's Most Shameful Team will forever be remembered...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sayeth Weitao, 2 weeks ago: "Good luck making up the 2.5 games between the Mavs and the Rocks in the standings"

And today:
Dallas 11-4
Houston 10-5


Jim Webb -- A Very Dude Senator

From yesterday's Washington Post:

At a recent White House reception for freshman members of Congress, Virginia's newest senator tried to avoid President Bush. Democrat James Webb declined to stand in a presidential receiving line or to have his picture taken with the man he had often criticized on the stump this fall. But it wasn't long before Bush found him.
"How's your boy?" Bush asked, referring to Webb's son, a Marine serving in Iraq.
"I'd like to get them out of Iraq, Mr. President," Webb responded, echoing a campaign theme.
"That's not what I asked you," Bush said. "How's your boy?"
"That's between me and my boy, Mr. President," Webb said coldly, ending the conversation on the State Floor of the East Wing of the White House.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


and counting.

Friday, November 24, 2006

El Caballo: Welcome Home

Say hello to the newest Astro - Carlos Lee... Who, like Mike Lamb, will be happy to escape the baseball purgatory that is the Texas Rangers

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Some 400 years ago, my WASP ancestors broke bread with a bunch of minorities for the very first time. Naturally, that first Thanksgiving is very symbolic of my relationship with the dudes. About once a year (usually in a Vegas hotel buffet), I too leave my safe circle of honkies to feast with those who are different from me.

So dudes, have a wondeful and safe Thanksgiving weekend. I hope things turn out better for your people than it did for those land-hogging Injuns.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A different sort of Hall of Fame

Jon Scheyer may have only played 5 games in a blue and white uniform, but unlike the last MOT, Erik Meek, not only has he earned a starting spot in the Duke lineup, he has earned Tribal immortality...18 years old and already an inductee into the Hall of Fame...Jewish Sports Hall of Fame that is.
Mazel Tov, Jon!

Fringe benefits of quarterbacking America's Team... and doing it well

Besides winning over the hearts of Cowboys fans everywhere from Texas to Chocolatetown, it seems being Tony Romo may have other, less obvious perks... like dating Jessica Simpson! Of course, maybe he just fooled Simpson into believing he was Tom Brady...

Rachel Cohen - All-American

I'm not making this up.

Random Observations For Today

(1) Carlos Lee is surprisingly fleet-a-foot for a fat man... Think Kirby Puckett, minus the domestic violence charges..

(2) Is it just me, or is the Vision a boring team to watch this year? No flow to the offense (I have no idea what Dick Vitale was talking about last night; our offense did not look good)

(3) My new 2nd favorite basketball team: the Golden State Warriors. Don Nelson got them playing some serious basketball... Remember this now, Monta Ellis one of the 5 best point guards in the West, along with Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, and Tony Parker (No dudes, I did not forget Devin Harris, Rafer Alston, Jason Terry or Andre Miller)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Two Trips to the Barber Shop later...

A glorious day in Big D. The Cowboys announce their arrival, and in news that could only make Weitao happy, look who's back in Arlington? F-Cat!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dude Hall of Fame Inductee: The Journey

Transfers Nicole Erickson and Michele VanGorp made the journey from West Lafayette, Indiana, and brought with them a kid from Peru, Indiana named Lauren Rice

Senior Hilary Howard made the journey from Scarsdale, New York.

Sophomore Georgia Schweitzer journeyed in from Ohio.

Gail Goestenkors led them, and 7 others, on a journey for the ages.

The Journey began on a gloomy note in a crushing defeat to Connecticut in San Jose witnessed by 3/4 of the Committee, but gosh did it ever end gloriously, right back in San Jose, for the Final Four.

Along the way, the Journey went 15-1 in the regular season, including a sweep of North Carolina that was punctuated by a win on Senior Day in front of a record-setting crowd.

But the season's exclaimation point was delivered on a chilly night in Greensboro, where the Journey stunned heavily-favored Tennessee, led by the Mighty Meeks Trio of Chamique Holdsclaw, Sameeka Randall and Tamika Catchings.

With a plucky Georgia Schweitzer leading the way, the Journey held on to a single-digit lead in the last 10 minutes for a white knuckled win that punched their ticket to the Final Four. A win that literally had 1/2 of the Committee shaking in disbelief on press row for the game's final 5 minutes.

Although the Journey's improbable dream season came to a premature halt against Purdue in the National Championship, it was a dream of a journey nonetheless

For taking the Dude Committee and their fans on an exhilirating ride for the ages, the Dude Committee proudly honors an inaugural and unanimous selection into the Dude Hall of Fame: The Journey

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Who's Your Daddy?

Feel free to check out the new Houston Rockets ticket commercial here...

As some background, Jeff Van Gundy & Tracy McGrady purchased 70 season tickets in the TC in one section this year and gave them away to fans, (each of whom had to win a contest to be the craziest, most maniacal fan), and called the section "Red Rowdies" - think smaller, redder version of Duke students.

In any case, in this commercial, Shane is dancing a very ... umm... "effeminate" jig while the Red Rowdies chant "Who's Your Daddy, Battier!" Well worth a look.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Night of Legends

It's a big night ahead tonight at the AAC. Chris Duhon, Luol Deng, Dirk Nowitzki, The Jet, Rachel Cohen...I can hardly sit still at my desk with all the anticipation.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Have You Seen This Man?

His impostor seems to have mutated into Jerry Stackhouse -- scoring 17 points a game with 38% shooting. Please return the original to Ming, Yao. I realize the breakout sensation Rafer Alston is bound to take away a few points a game, but 10?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Not that the Dudes Care About Soccer, But...

Jay Heaps had the chance to tie the MLS Final for his N.E. revolution in a shootout against the Houston Dynamo as his team's final shooter.

Of course, like so many of his dunk attempts during pregame warmups in Cameron, Heeeeeeeeeeeaps came up short.

Somewhere, Yvonne Krywdjksfhjklasdfhjklasdhfla cries.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Start the Macaca! Clap-Clap Clap-Clap-Clap!!

Bye Bye Curious (and definitely not a racist) George...

0-82 Watch: 4 down, 78 to go

18 point loss to the Clippers?? Oy!!!

But at least you didn't lose to the Knicks at home!!!

Dude Hall of Fame Inductee: Jeff Bagwell

October 2004; Game 7 of the National League Championship Series; Jeff Bagwell and his Houston Astros stood 1 win away from facing the Boston Red Sox in the World Series.

One win. It would have given everything that Bagwell ever wanted; and everything that Bagwell never wanted.

As a youngster growing up in Killingsworth, CT, Bagwell always envisioned playing in the World Series in Fenway Park, and hitting World Series-winning home runs over the green monster.

But he never wanted to do it as the Fenway Faithfuls' enemy

Recognizing that Scott Cooper was better than Bagwell, the Red Sox crushed those visions that Bagwell entertained throughout his childhood

Thinking that they were set at 3rd base for the future, the BoSox dealt Bagwell to the Houston Astros in 1990 for Larry Andersen, laying the groundwork for roughly 10 years of the Dude mocking the Undude.

Little did the Red Sox know that Bagwell was about to discover the secrets of completely legal exercise supplements, thus launching him into a career that could also land him in that other Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

As the Red Sox struggled through the late 90s by playing Mobese Vaughn at 1st and guys like Reggie Jefferson and Jose Canseco at DH, the Undude could only shake his head in anger and mutter his frustrations under his breath.

Bagwell never did get that win in 2004. His dreams were left unfulfilled, thanks to the Red Sox's "foresight."

But for his contributions to the Dude's very limited arsenal of jokes directed at the Undude, the Dude Committee proudly honors an inaugural member of the Dude Hall of Fame: Jeffrey Robert Bagwell.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The President thinks we're dumb :(

On why he thought the Republicans wouldn't lose as many seats as they did, he said (not an exact quote) that he thought the American people would understand the importance of taxes and the importance of security.

Specific to those of us who live in PA, he said he didn't think the win by Casey had anything to do with Iraq. So now he knows the issues better than us in our own state's race?

I wish stupid old me could understand these complicated issues...

A Blue Star Kind of Night (and morning)

320 comments, and about 9 hours later, both the Dudes and the Democrats wrapped up a historic night, a night of firsts for both. And as the final votes trickle into Montana and Virginia, the reality of the situation will only become clearer: it was a blowout for the Committee. Well played, dudes, well played. See you in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dude Committee Midterm Elections LiveBlog

It's 5:21 pm CST. I've just arrived home from my polling place. Let the (hopefully) victorious evening begin!

Judge Tylwalk gets involved in the election process

Because of "confusion" with the e-voting machines here in Central PA, the judges in both Lebanon and Lancaster counties have ordered that polls remain open until 9 pm tonight. One of the Lebanon County judges is, of course, my dad. I thought that was pretty cool until I realized that both counties are heavily Republican. That may draw a hearty "boo!" from the fans...

Who are representing the Dudes?

I think it's about time that we take a survey of the dudes to see if their interests are being represented in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Meet my representative, John Culberson,

This arch right-winger has received the following scores from the American Conservative Union in his 5 years in the house: 100, 100, 96, 96, 92.; and the following scores from the ACLU: 7, 0, 0, 0.

John Culberson, you are dead to me. Sadly, he is projected to win easily in his election today.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Only in North Carolina...

Well, as long as we're talking politics, I must introduce you to Vernon Robinson. Vernon first caught my eye this weekend with an attack ad he ran against his opponent, Brad Miller. Miller's offense? Being endorsed by a local Muslim group. That's right, Robinson attacked Miller for being liked by Muslims. But that's not all...

Please listen to the Beverly Hillbillies radio ad and the Twilight Zone TV ad. I wish this were a parody, but it's all true, and he's running in the district next to mine. Ugh.

Gotta love living in this state!

Dude Hall of Fame Inductee: Spencer Romine

Long before the men’s lacrosse case divided Duke, a much greater schism threatened to destroy the gothic wonderland. The late 1990s witnessed an epic quarterback controversy between Bobby Campbell and Spencer Romine. No student was without an opinion, and everywhere you went, people were talking Duke Football.

But the dudes, being of sound mind, backed Spencer. He wasn’t a physically intimidating man, but his laid-back charm masked a ferocious competitiveness and rifle arm. Besides, Campbell once threw seven interceptions in a single game (oh Lord how I wish that were a typo), and as Weitao said, “he couldn’t hit an ocean from a pier.”

Early in his career, Romine was hampered by the conservative offense of fellow inductee, Fred Goldsmith. But when Carl Franks launched his Airborne attack with Romine as the centerpiece, well, the results speak for themselves.

His career numbers do not dazzle, but numbers don’t always tell the story. All I know is this: If a time-traveling DeLorean were to pull up into my driveway tonight, I wouldn’t kill Hitler or break bread with Jesus. I would go back to the late 1990s and Wally Wade just to see Spencer throw one more tight spiral to Richmond “I’m a receiver, I catch footballs, that’s my job, thank you, Jesus” Flowers.

And to all those NFL teams floundering near last place, remember, Spencer’s for hire!

Midterm LiveBlog Preview

In advance of tomorrow night's live blog, I thought I'd share with the Dudes some analysis from someone who canvassed the betting sites to see what the smart money was betting on as far as the election goes:

1. House goes to Dems. Dems pick up ~20 seats.

2. Senate goes to Dems (51-49)

Contested elections: Dems win Maryland, RI, Missouri, Virginia, Montana, New Jersey; Reps win Tennessee.

Closest election: Missouri.

It's Time for Predictions

It's time for a bi-annual tradition (at least a tradition starting tomorrow) -- Awarding the coveted and prestigious Blue Star to the Dude who comes closest to predicting the outcome of tomorrow's election. Why a Blue Star? Because the Dudes would never award a Red one!

So will the woman to your left become the new House Speaker?

This Dude predicts Democrats +24 in the House and +5 in the Senate. Get your picks in now!

Is The Dude secretly writing for Page 2?

I would hope The Dude would inform the rest of the Committee if he accepted an offer from and started penning NBA pieces under the name "Bill Simmons." But perhaps his contract prevents him from doing so. In any case check out the NBA Preview Pt. II and scroll down to item 24. That gigantic man-crush on Yao and the Rockets sure smells suspiciously like the Asian Prince to me!

Mazel Tov!!

To our very own Head Dude, who apparently, paid someone much smarter than himself to take the Texas Bar Exam on his behalf.

This past weekend, Head Dude found out that his bribe paid off.

As you can see for yourself, the Dude Committee extends its welcome to its second member of the Texas State Bar!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hey! Ya Gotta Stop This Butt-Kicking!!

InterDude Battle 1 about as much of a "battle" as the France-Germany battle from WWII. For one night at least, Dirk was very French.

Dude Hall of Fame Inductee: William Avery

There was once an humble kid from Georgia with a dream - to graduate from Duke and star in the NBA.

He was rumbling down the right track.

The leader on the court for one of the finest collegiate squads in recent memory, William Avery led the 1998-99 Duke Blue Devils to within a trip and a travel from the National Championship. Needless to say: things were looking up for Avery.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Head Dude announced to the world that Avery was skipping class and failing school.

Ashamed and embarrased, Avery watched as his own dreams crumbled before his eyes.

He was forced to leave school early, saw his NBA career wash out after three seasons, and now showcases his talents in Israel and Europe - far away from the evil Head Dude.

Head Dude, on the other hand, added a gold star to his resume, stepping over William's whimpers.

In recognition of his magnificent career at Duke and his role in launching Head Dude into bigtime journalism, the Committee proudly honors a unanimous selection into the Dude Hall of Fame: William Avery.

If You Build It, Dudes Will Come

There was a time when the Dude center of gravity was in the heartland, back when dudes spanned America from California to Massachusetts, and the central meeting place was Illinois, or in this case, Iowa. So the dudes made pilgrimmage to the Field of Dreams, and found it to be the biggest disappointment since Weitao's grandparents built Imperial Palace. But at least there was a real field of dreams that didn't let us, or JR, down. And it also bears the distinction of the only Dudemania where all dudes made money at a casino, or in this case, a riverboat in Dubuque. And all it took was one general apiece.

Friday, November 03, 2006

InterDude Battle: Act I !!

A rivalry first stoked by Dude legend Jon Barry's twirling, leaping scissor kick returns to the Toyota Center in Houston. The Dude Committee is fairly certain that the Stormin Mormon will not be posterized in this rendition of Mavs-Rockets, but everything else is up in the air - Like T-Mac here!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Back Duke, or Back Off!!

September 10, 2005: DudeMania 9; We're getting trounced by Virginia Tech; and we were NOT BACKING OFF!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

DudeMania 11: Dallas, TX (October 14-16)

A 1,300 pound pig, the unforgettable Big Tex, and Todd Marchant beating Ed Belfour over and over again.

An epic weekend; an epic tale.

For many, DudeMania 11 was captured by the Hog, all 1,300 pounds of it: it was grand in scale, fared best in fairs, and involved a lot of lounging around and playing NHL 99.

But perhaps more significantly, DudeMania 11 bore witness to the curtain closing on one of the Committee's favorite athletes, Drew Bledsoe. In what was perhaps his last stroke of brilliance, the statuesque Drew led the Cowboys back from a 6-3 halftime deficit by throwing 2 second half touchdown strikes to Terrell Owens, and left the stage to a rousing ovation in favor of Tony Romo. One week later, Bledsoe was unceremoniously sacked, literally and figuratively and perhaps for good, in a MNF bludgeoning by the Tuna.

Let it be known that the Dude Committee was on hand for the last glimmering light in Drew Bledsoe's manificently immobile career.

Upcoming Hall of Fame Ceremonies

After roughly 9 years of friendship and more than 10 DudeManias, we figured that it was about time to establish a Dude Committee Athlete Hall of Fame. As you will note by the first round of inductees that the inductees are in no way selected on the basis of athletic prowess, but rather, on what they mean to us and our banter through the years.

The initial class of inductees is currently being vetted and debated amongst the Committee members as we speak. We will announce this honored initial class in short order.

- The Dude