Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dude Hall of Fame Inductee: Jeff Bagwell

October 2004; Game 7 of the National League Championship Series; Jeff Bagwell and his Houston Astros stood 1 win away from facing the Boston Red Sox in the World Series.

One win. It would have given everything that Bagwell ever wanted; and everything that Bagwell never wanted.

As a youngster growing up in Killingsworth, CT, Bagwell always envisioned playing in the World Series in Fenway Park, and hitting World Series-winning home runs over the green monster.

But he never wanted to do it as the Fenway Faithfuls' enemy

Recognizing that Scott Cooper was better than Bagwell, the Red Sox crushed those visions that Bagwell entertained throughout his childhood

Thinking that they were set at 3rd base for the future, the BoSox dealt Bagwell to the Houston Astros in 1990 for Larry Andersen, laying the groundwork for roughly 10 years of the Dude mocking the Undude.

Little did the Red Sox know that Bagwell was about to discover the secrets of completely legal exercise supplements, thus launching him into a career that could also land him in that other Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

As the Red Sox struggled through the late 90s by playing Mobese Vaughn at 1st and guys like Reggie Jefferson and Jose Canseco at DH, the Undude could only shake his head in anger and mutter his frustrations under his breath.

Bagwell never did get that win in 2004. His dreams were left unfulfilled, thanks to the Red Sox's "foresight."

But for his contributions to the Dude's very limited arsenal of jokes directed at the Undude, the Dude Committee proudly honors an inaugural member of the Dude Hall of Fame: Jeffrey Robert Bagwell.

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