Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dude Hall of Fame Inductee: William Avery

There was once an humble kid from Georgia with a dream - to graduate from Duke and star in the NBA.

He was rumbling down the right track.

The leader on the court for one of the finest collegiate squads in recent memory, William Avery led the 1998-99 Duke Blue Devils to within a trip and a travel from the National Championship. Needless to say: things were looking up for Avery.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Head Dude announced to the world that Avery was skipping class and failing school.

Ashamed and embarrased, Avery watched as his own dreams crumbled before his eyes.

He was forced to leave school early, saw his NBA career wash out after three seasons, and now showcases his talents in Israel and Europe - far away from the evil Head Dude.

Head Dude, on the other hand, added a gold star to his resume, stepping over William's whimpers.

In recognition of his magnificent career at Duke and his role in launching Head Dude into bigtime journalism, the Committee proudly honors a unanimous selection into the Dude Hall of Fame: William Avery.


Nick T said...

The real shame of it is, Joel didn't even use his gold star to pursue journalism as a career. Think about how many other lives he could have ruined! It's a good thing he decided to use his awesome powers for "it's definitely not heartless corporate" law instead!

HD said...

It's an ironic point -- it's almost as if Weitao took the lessons learned from the gold star, and from that day forward decided that it was he who would become a mighty corporate lawyer and crush the little people out there like Will Avery who only wanted a better life.