Wednesday, November 01, 2006

DudeMania 11: Dallas, TX (October 14-16)

A 1,300 pound pig, the unforgettable Big Tex, and Todd Marchant beating Ed Belfour over and over again.

An epic weekend; an epic tale.

For many, DudeMania 11 was captured by the Hog, all 1,300 pounds of it: it was grand in scale, fared best in fairs, and involved a lot of lounging around and playing NHL 99.

But perhaps more significantly, DudeMania 11 bore witness to the curtain closing on one of the Committee's favorite athletes, Drew Bledsoe. In what was perhaps his last stroke of brilliance, the statuesque Drew led the Cowboys back from a 6-3 halftime deficit by throwing 2 second half touchdown strikes to Terrell Owens, and left the stage to a rousing ovation in favor of Tony Romo. One week later, Bledsoe was unceremoniously sacked, literally and figuratively and perhaps for good, in a MNF bludgeoning by the Tuna.

Let it be known that the Dude Committee was on hand for the last glimmering light in Drew Bledsoe's manificently immobile career.

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