Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Some 400 years ago, my WASP ancestors broke bread with a bunch of minorities for the very first time. Naturally, that first Thanksgiving is very symbolic of my relationship with the dudes. About once a year (usually in a Vegas hotel buffet), I too leave my safe circle of honkies to feast with those who are different from me.

So dudes, have a wondeful and safe Thanksgiving weekend. I hope things turn out better for your people than it did for those land-hogging Injuns.


vwz said...

I'll echo Morgan's thoughts about wishing all the dudes a happy thanksgiving... Some of the things that I'm thankful for:
- Tony Romo: Joel, I'm starting him today, he better deliver;
- DudeManias: Every time I think about rushing the field at Notre Dame Stadium to tear down the goalposts after Duke stuns the Irish next year, it brings a smile to my face.
- This Blog: Finally, we've found a vehicle to bring Tylwalk into constant dude communications!
- George W. Bush: If it weren't for him, the democrats would not have had their dramatic sweep on November 7.
- Dudes: As always...

Head Dude said...

I just made it back home, and must add to the list:
Tony Romo: for giving hope to our Super Bowl dreams
The Mavs: for restoring our hopes for a return trip to the Finals
The Rangers: um, for crossing my fingers that GMJ was just having a career year and not worth the money.
The Blog: like Weitao said.
Duke Football: for making next year's bowl season all the more sweeter.