Monday, November 13, 2006

Have You Seen This Man?

His impostor seems to have mutated into Jerry Stackhouse -- scoring 17 points a game with 38% shooting. Please return the original to Ming, Yao. I realize the breakout sensation Rafer Alston is bound to take away a few points a game, but 10?


vwz said...

Joel, have you forgotten rule no. 1 of layout? The person in the picture needs face into the page. Honestly, and you call yourself a sports editor.

BTW, that imposter and his team did just beat the Miami Heat on their home floor by 22 points... I do believe that the last time I saw a Texas team play against the Heat, someone was shaking David Stern's hand - and it wasn't Dirk.

Good luck making up the 2.5 games between the Mavs and the Rocks in the standings

Head Dude said...

Dude, judging by their schedules, I can not-so-boldly predict that Houston will find themselves in third-place in Texas by December 1st. There are about five teams the Mavs' struggled with the last few years, and they played four of them to start this season. The rest of November, outside of a game at SA, is a breeze.

Nick T said...

T-Mac is a notoriously slow starter. I think he will replace his imposter before the end of 2006.