Monday, November 06, 2006

Midterm LiveBlog Preview

In advance of tomorrow night's live blog, I thought I'd share with the Dudes some analysis from someone who canvassed the betting sites to see what the smart money was betting on as far as the election goes:

1. House goes to Dems. Dems pick up ~20 seats.

2. Senate goes to Dems (51-49)

Contested elections: Dems win Maryland, RI, Missouri, Virginia, Montana, New Jersey; Reps win Tennessee.

Closest election: Missouri.


Head Dude said...

51-49 may happen. We're surging today in Virginia and Missouri!

ThadisRad said...

I am predicting a disappointing day for the Dems... I just feel like they've been a walking disaster the last six years, and it won't go well tomorrow