Sunday, December 03, 2006


What better timing to bring a Tylwalk in the world? When America's Team is destined for a return to greatness!


Thad is Rad said...

I would like to point out that this is not the Dallas Sports blog... This is a dude blog. And this Dude is tired of hearing you Texans overreact to every meaningless win your sports team enjoys.

Joel, I am thrilled that some scrub kicker the Patriots cut in the preseason outkicked the overhyped jackass you signed in the offseason. Really, I am. But enough already...

Now, if the Texans were on this sort of run, maybe the hype would be justified. But the Cowboys, they've won bigger things before (although perhaps all the players were too intoxicated to know), so shut up and wait for the playoffs. Well, on second thought, maybe you should enjoy it now. Because come January, the world will finally see that Romo is no Tom Brady.

HD said...

listen dude, maybe this wouldn't be the Dallas Sports blog if you'd bother creating your own posts and showing up for dude chat sessions every now and then.
so long as weitao and i are going to be sniping at each other without other participation, you can rest assured that chances are the topic will be deep in the heart of Texas.
though i should note that tylwalk has said he's having technical difficulties reconciling his gmail with the blog, and hopes to be back soon.