Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Broadway is Dark Tonight

Farewell to the original Broadway Joe, at least the original dude Broadway Joe, who announced his retirement today after 20 years and one Conn Smythe. May the second Broadway Joe follow you into the old folks' home soon.


Senior Dude said...

Verily, one of the all-time great PlayStation hockey players of our time has called it quits. Fortunately the Dudes can always fire the disc back up and he can skate again!

vwz said...

We bid adieu to Broadway Joe; nevertheless, his memory shall be forever preserved via the original playstation... In my memories, Broadway will be forever, and futilly, chasing Teemu Selanne down the rink and Teemu fires another twisted wrister through Eddie the Eagle

Head Dude said...

I'll always remember Broadway's valiant attempt to keep the Stars alive in their epic 6-game clash against the hated Red Wings during a late-night Tylwalk/Israel battle in the Summer of '98. In the end, even Broadway couldn't match the prowess of Jamie Pushor and Bob Rouse.