Saturday, December 02, 2006

Congratulations to the Franchise!

Well, we will excuse his absence from the Blog the last few days. Tylwalk announced that the Dudes: Next Generation kicked off today with the birth of Elizabeth Tylwalk.

Congrats all around!!!

Rumor has it, Tylwalk has already picked out the 1st bed time story: "How to Calculate Pot Odds"


Thad is Rad said...

Congrats to the entire Tylwalk clan!

I look forward to Elizabeth's 8th birthday party, surely held at the Hershey Lanes, when she finally beats her Uncle Vic, 65-63.

HD said...

I'm not sure what's more shocking today -- hearing the details of Tylwalk bringing another Elizabeth into the world, or Wake Forest winning the ACC. But I know which one immediately earns the headline as Dude Story of 2006!

The Dude said...

stunningly, tylwalk tried to send me some pics via cell phone yesterday. I presume this is because tylwalk assumed that his fellow team asia member would have the latest cell phone gadgetry... Sadly, this Team Asia member just recently figured out how to text message on his cell phone, and therefore, did not even attempt to view pictures via the cell phone. Tylwalk, you'll have to post it on the Blog!