Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Countdown to the End of the Cowboys' Season: 11 Days

Since Head Dude did not solicit my opinions in his last post, I thought I'd put up this countdown calendar as my contribution today


Head Dude said...

Dude, the point was, I think the other dudes grow weary of our Texas-based bickering at times, or don't even bother to read the blog, and like I said, now that the Rockets and Texans have made themselves irrelevant, I think we can move forward and let old dogs lie.

vwz said...

Which is exactly why my last few posts have been about: Tony Romo & Carrie Underwood, NHL All Star Voting, wishing Dudes a Happy Holidays, Duke-Gonzaga, the 2004 Election, and a Dude Committee Hall of Fame Induction. All of these posts (possible except of Tony Romo, though that post was more about pop culture) that don't directly relate to Texas Sports.

On the other hand, your last few posts have been about: Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, the Journey, the Astros, and Broadway Joe (4 of 5 relating to Texas sports).

Head Dude, the only person who is not moving forward is you. I only make fun of Dallas in response nowadays.

Head Dude said...

Yes Dude, with such titles as "Who Cares if He's Not a Good QB?", you're clearly just responding.

ThadisRad said...

Dudes, this is a season for love and togetherness. Let's end the bickering... I was wrong to attack the Texas nature of the blogs. Vic, you're wrong if you do not see the irony of the biggest trash talker being the one who supports, by far, the worst teams of the committee. And Joel, you're wrong if you think we can take the smack talk out of the dude. Only Coach G can do that. The point is, as we celebrate the holidays, we must show compassion to all dudes.

I'm glad to be back on the blog. I've missed it.

Head Dude said...

Welcome back Undude. Share your thoughts with us any time. I think, at times, the Dude and I hold back with our postings, feeling like it'll just end up being the same old back-and-forth with each other which, as you can well see, grows redundant at times.
But you, Undude, hold the power within you to bring the blog back to life. Tylwalk too, of course.