Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Questions for the Dudes

With Weitao's and my daily rants losing steam as the Rockets slide and the Texans prepare to conclude another losing season, I thought it time to solicit hot sports opinions from the other dudes, namely:

1) Undude, how are we feeling about the Pats' chances? What about the signing of Dice-K?
2) Tylwalk, after last night, how are you feeling about the arrival of AI? What about when Carmelo returns? Looking forward to a path through Seattle and Chicago on the way to New Orleans?

If I may recommend one book to the dudes as the year concludes, it's Jack McCallum's "Seven Seconds or loss", an inside look on his time spent as an "assistant coach" with the Suns all of last season. Given that I think we're all pretty big NBA fans, it's a great read and is built around their three playoff series against the Lakers, Clippers and Mavs. Obviously I had personal interest with the latter, but it breaks down player resentment towards Amare, Marion's fragile ego, their diminishment of the Lakers and Kobe, etc. etc. A quick read and definitely worth the time.

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vwz said...

FYI, the actual name of the McCallum book is "Seven Seconds or Less"

On the other hand, "Seven Seconds or Loss" is the working title of my book about Dwayne Wade taking seven seconds to get the ball upcourt, slicing through the Mavericks defense, and singlehandedly handing the Mavericks many losses during last year's Final.