Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Vote for Rory!!

Just a few days left that you can vote for Rory Fitzpatrick to start in the NHL All Star game. It's a fever that is sweeping the nation!! It's one way to drown your sorrows after losing to a team led by Jeff Garcia, in 2006.


Head Dude said...

Look dude, it's one thing when the Rockets managed to beat the Mavericks once, and feel that entitles you to talk smack (albeit foolishly at this point, see, e.g., Ming, Yao), it's another to drivel on against a team that a) is headed to the playoffs, and b) beat the crap out of your team 34-6. I realize that as a Texan fan, you probably aren't aware that the NFL season extends into January, just like as a Rocket fan you probably have forgotten that the NBA season can go beyond April.

Head Dude said...

Which reminds me this trivia question...of all 10 of Houston's losses this year, which 2 were the worst?

1) New England, by 33
2) Dallas, by 28

Doesn't that mean you should have to hide in a bowl of wonton the rest of the season?