Monday, January 08, 2007

Dude Committee Un-Athlete of the Week

There's some controversy surrounding who should be crowned the Dude Committee's Unathlete of the Week. I'll present the candidates below, and Dudes, feel free to vote

(1) Tony Romo: For showing that regardless of how you feel toward the bona fides of his Pro Bowl selection, he certainly did not make the Pro Bowl for his holding prowess

(2) Greg Paulus: For showing that, yes, it is possible to be a worse starting point guard than Steve Wojciechowski. This guy just looks absolutely clueless against quality physical competition

(3) Nick Tylwalk: For his expectations that the Dudes believe that a job change entirely prevents a Dude from logging on to the Internet for about a month


Head Dude said...

Wow, I definitely vote 2, but Weitao certainly laid the gauntlet down with 3. Seriously though, Paulus is TERRIBLE, and it's really amazing that we're 16-2 given how bad he has been and how much less of a scorer McRoberts has been. Thanks goodness we have a Jew hitting from the outside. I would vote in favor of Paulus being moved to the football team in the offseason, and Duke recruiting a new point guard. Not even Wojo would have a 1 assist/6 turnover game.

Head Dude said...

sorry, i meant to say 13-2.

ThadisRad said...

Finally someone else is on board with Paulus going Airborne. Of course, with Thad is Rad only getting more comfortable, I'm not sure he's starting.

Nick T said...

I don't vote for myself, because as far as Dudes go, I'm actually fairly athletic.

And since Paulus was a top football recruit, I agree he should go Airborne!

vwz said...

Who knew that it was Greg Paulus who would reunite all the dudes in blog?!?!