Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dude Committee's Athlete of the Week

I'll present some candidates, and let the Dudes decide...

(1) Lindsey Harding: The Journey's lightning-quick point guard scored a career high 28 points in leading her team past the former No. 1 and defending National Champion Maryland. Most importantly, Harding constantly pushed the tempo, took her defender off the dribble at will and spearheaded Duke's ferocious interior double teams. In sum, she was the heart of a team that took apart the top-ranked team in the country, and exacted a small bit of revenge for last year's heartbreak in the finals.

(2) The Sweatshirt: The Sweatshirt proved his genius once again in leading his team over the heavily favored San Diego chargers on the road. Indeed, the Sweatshirt's mental sixth-sense rays made Chargers defenders try to intercept, rather than simply knock down, desperation fourth down passes and was instrumental in allowing his team to pull off the improbable win on the road.

(3) The Jet: The Jet averaged 25 a game in the week's 1st two games, but saved his best for last. The Jet hit some crucial 3s to keep the Mavericks in the game early against the Raptors, and then found Josh Howard wide open under the basket for the game winner at the buzzer.

(4) Your Daddy: Your Daddy scored 12 points in the 4th quarter against fellow Committee favorite Denver to orchestrate a miraculous come-from-behind win for the Rockets on Friday night, and then came back the following night to draw the game winning charge from Corliss Williamson to preserve a win over the Kings in overtime. And all Battier has to show for it, as of the present, is a gash across the top of his head that required 9 stitches.

Those are your candidates, my vote goes to Harding


Head Dude said...

Personally, I'd take the German who averaged 33.5 points in leading his team to a 4-0 week, but I won't cast stones at Weitao since he went to the trouble of preparing the list.
So I'll vote Harding.
With the German second.
And a third-place vote to Ravi Gould, the Jew who kicked the Bears into the NFC title game.

ThadisRad said...

I vote Harding as well... And I notice in Joel's rankings, once again the Germans get the better of the Jews.

Head Dude said...

Well, the German was named NBA Player of the Week, but I guess that's not enough to earn recognition from the Dudes. I guess he'll just have to be content with spanking the Rockets.