Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jew You Believe in Magic!!!!

David McClure (left) scored the winning layup off a phenomenal 30 foot laser of a pass from Tribe member Jon Scheyer to seal an gutsy win against Clemson at home tonight.

Mazel Tov!!

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Head Dude said...

That dude has unbelievable court saavy for a freshman. A lot of NBA point guards would've just lofted a 40-foot prayer instead of finding the open man with a second left. And two possessions before that, Scheyer made a great drive on the left baseline and then kicked cross-court to Nelson on the right wing for an open three (which Nelson missed). It just proves that late in a game, we want the ball in Scheyer's hand, not Paulus' (and certainly not McRoberts').