Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Unathlete of the Week: Greg Paulus

The votes are in: Dude Committee's Unathlete of the Week is Greg Paulus, who turned in a stellar 0-3, 1 reb., 1 ast, 6 TO, 2 PF outing in Duke's loss against Virginia Tech this past weekend.

For the season, Paulus is now averaging 3.5 assists and 3.2 TOs a game in 27.8 minutes a game.

For comparison purposes to Duke PGs of the recent past in their respective sophomore seasons:

Steve Wojciechowski: 2.7 asts and 1.2 TOs in 21.8 minutes a game.
Will Avery: 5.1 asts and 2.6 TOs in 31.0 minutes a game.
Chris Duhon: 5.9 asts and 2.6 TOs in 35.1 minutes a game.
Jason Williams: 6.1 asts and 3.9 TOs in 31.8 minutes a game.

Which means that for a PG who is, essentially, the team's 4th or 5th option for scoring when he's on the floor (as opposed to, say, everyone except Wojo above), Paulus is doing a historically poor job of handling and distributing the ball, and avoiding turnovers.

I also hate the DBR, who wrote an "Our Call" about the need to support Greg Paulus and remember that, for a 19 year-old, he's doing unbelievable things already.

You know what? That's just a bunch of horse manure. Paulus is born with an ample amount of athletic talent, moxie and a work ethic; he chose to take on one of the most pressure cooker positions in college basketball. There is nothing wrong with criticizing his play when his talent suggests that he is underperforming. For a kid who came in billed as potentially a Bobby Hurley type player, I'll be happy if he turns into a Wojo who actually plays defense.


Head Dude said...

Very astute comments, and they actually drew me to the DBR to see what ridiculous argument they tried to make.

And on top of the stats you list, keep in mind that those were compiled for a full season and include ACC competition, back when the ACC was more competitive. Paulus' stats include 14 nonconference games and VaTech, so he has had many games against weaker mid-majors, which means the numbers are only likely to get worse if anything.

Nick T said...

I just want to go on record by saying... I hated DBR first! It was about a decade ago I first got angry at those rumor mongers. It's nice to see some things don't change.

vwz said...

good to see that Paulus is eager to get a stranglehold on the Unathlete of the Week honors