Monday, January 22, 2007

Vol In Tears: One More Time!!

It was nowhere near as dramatic as the stunner in Greensboro; and indeed, a win over Tennessee has almost a par for the course feel to it; which shows just how far the Journey has come. Thanks to the constant leadership of Lindsey Harding, some Redick-esque three pointers from Abby Waner, and some timely second-half buckets from Wanisha Smith, the Journey blitzed out to a 19-0 lead and held on for a 74-70 win. Journey on!!


Head Dude said...

I liked this from the wire story:

Pearl had said earlier in the week on a radio show with Summitt that he would paint his chest and stand in the student section. She did not promise the same for a men's game.

Waner said she would suggest the idea to Duke men's coach Mike Krzyzewski. Goestenkors smirked a little and looked askance at Waner.

In other words, G is saying, "yeah right."

I also liked Kara Lawson saying Duke was peaking too soon -- that's one thing that makes the women's game so much harder to watch. Most of the broadcasters played at the power schools and are too loyal to them (e.g., Lawson with Tennessee, Lobo with UConn, etc.). It's hard to say a team peaked too soon until they actually start slowing down. The Pistons peaked too soon last year, but we didn't know that until May.

ThadisRad said...

My sources (Anya Sostek) say its Kara Dawson, not Kara Lawson...