Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Who is this week's unathlete(s) of the Week?

With the attention of the dudes focused squarely on the SOTU last night, we almost glossed over a now-weekly tradition of honoring either the athlete or unathlete of the week (alternating). This week, here are your candidates for the Unathlete(s) of the week.
(1) Chicago Bears: For ruining America's Fairy Tale
(2) The (Modified) Sweatshirt: For losing the AFC Championship Game, and then blowing off Peyton Manning thereafter
(3) The NHL: For using behind-the-scenes hijinx to prevent Rory Fitzpatrick from appearing in his first All-Star Game

(For some reason, the comment count isn't working right now, but I imagine Blogger will fix it soon). But in any case, my vote goes to the Bears.

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Head Dude said...

HA! I thought Belichek has blown off Manning, but it happened so fast that I didn't think twice about it. I vote him!

The reason I don't vote the all-star game, is I have a view of the arena from my office and every night the last three nights I've watched the slow trickle of fans walking in, and the zero buzz around downtown, so the NHL has gotten what it deserved. Compare it to the Finals last June, when the city was crawling with people. The Stars still draw crowds, but the average fan still hasn't come back from the strike.

Can I also vote in Hibachi for saying last night he'd score 84 or 85 and never pass the ball if given the chance to play Duke. That dude just needs to get over it.