Saturday, January 13, 2007

Who's your daddy? Battier?

I'm surprised Weitao missed a chance to razz me about this, but maybe it's because the Nuggets are not a Texas team that they are excluded from discussion on this blog.

Anyway, somehow the Nuggets lost to the Rockets tonight behind 25 points from Shane Battier. Obviously I'm conflicted about this, as Battier is one of my favorite Dukies of all time, but allowing him to acore 12 in the fourth quarter is pretty embarrassing. Even more embarrassing than the Rockets allowing new Nugget Steve Blake to score 13 in the second half... though not by much.


Head Dude said...

Denver vs. Houston is actually an interesting debate, in the sense both are missing their best player, but one is playing good basketball in the meantime while the other has fallen back to .500. So the interesting thing is does that make it harder or easier for Houston to re-integrate Yao vs. Denver bringing Anthony back in? Yao seems to come back more dominant when his team has been struggling without him, like last spring. Now that they're playing well, what happens? It's not so automatic that the team just returns to normal. I suspect with a brutal next five games (Dal/Pho in two nights), they lose a few and it eases his return to take over. And fortunately for Yao and his indisputable role as main man, McGrady still has terrible shooting numbers. The 42% from the field is poor, but 64% on free throws for a shooting guard? What happened?

Meanwhile, what to make of the Nuggets? I think they've been a huge disappointment the last month, so now what happens when Carmelo returns? Carmelo certainly will have no interest in deferring since the team has been losing, so how does that sit with AI? How much weed will George Karl need to keep his sanity? I just watched a highlight of Utah leaving Ray Allen wide open on a 3 to force overtime last night, just another example of why the Jazz can be caught, but not at Denver's current pace.

ThadisRad said...

Here's why I love the dudes... I just saw the highlights of the Rockets game and was thrilled by Shane's exploits. Of course, I then instantly logged on knowing the dudes would be all over this story.

And while we have Tylwalk posting, Nick, what's this about a new job?

vwz said...

quite frankly, here's why I don't get jazzed up about Rockets beating the Nuggets - I don't get excited about regular season wins against teams that the Rockets are obviously better than, unlike others in the Committee. Contra, Israel, Joel. As I've said before, and I'll say it again, here are my Western Conference power rankings:
1) Phoenix
2) Houston
3-15) Other teams that I don't care about.
I'll get excited if we beat Phoenix, other than that, it's business as usual for the team with the most dominant player in the NBA, one of the 15 most electrifying players in the NBA, and THE BEST role player in the NBA.

Nick T said...

I think the Nuggets will be OK once Anthony comes back, as I believe AI is a little bit smarter than most people give him credit for, and will defer to Carmelo a little bit as long as he still gets to shoot 20 times a game... which he should. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. If they end up stinking, at least they will be entertaining to watch.

As far as my new job goes, I should have an update on that front next week. I'm excited about it if it becomes a done deal...

Head Dude said...

I've come up with a new nickname for the Dude:

The Human Hyperbole