Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Dude's Blackberry Addiction Explained!

Morgan will have to take my word for it, but I know Israel remembers how difficult it was to get Weitao to put away his Blackberry during last year's DudeMania: Dallas. And I think I've already mentioned that it was difficult to pick up any free agents when I played in his fantasy football leagues because he was always on the internet. It appears I owe The Dude an apology, because reports seem to be pointing toward a genetic or cultural disposition to spending all your time online.

First comes a report of the steps the Chinese are taking to cure internet addicts. Fortunately Weitao doesn't have to fear punishments like this since he resides in the good old U.S. of A.

Then there's an article about how online gaming is the in thing to do in South Korea. No doubt Vic will be a little jealous when he reads about the internet speeds available to the average Korean.

Tragically, this final piece examines a 26-year-old man who passed away in China after a grueling seven days in front of the computer screen. Kids, it's okay to step away from World of Warcraft every once in a while.

As a fellow member of Team Asia, I offer my support to Vic as he tries to cure a condition he aparrently has been fated since birth to suffer. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to return to my internet surfing and blog posting...

What the Bleep?!

Now, there's all sorts of talk that the Patriots' run at the top of the NFL is coming to an end, but until now, I've refused to believe it. But now, there's unequivocal proof that the Patriots are finished. For some unknown reason, and Lord knows I will never be able to explain this one, the Patriots have hired Duke's offensive coordinator.

Now I love Thad Lewis as much as the next guy, but I am a little disturbed to think that The Hooded Sweatshirt might one day seek counsel from the same man who has led Duke Football through so many abysmal Saturdays in Wallace Wade Stadium. Somehow Bill O'Brien has hit the coaching jackpot, Duke's out an offensive coordinator (weeks after Roof named himself defensive coordinator), and the Patriots will be running a lot of 3rd-and-long draws.

This is a strange world indeed.

Fran Update From Sostek

Eager to add a caveat to change my observation on Duke's lack of celebrity alums, Ms. Sostek advised my yesterday that Fran McDuffie of "the Block" - a bizarro female version of the Dude Committee - has gone Hollywood!!

In addition to waging mayoral campaigns in her hometown, McDuffie (center) has:
- been a featured extra on Dawson's Creek
- the star of her very own Flonase commercial
- a body double in the Martin Lawrence classic, "Black Knight."
Mazel Tov Ms. McDuffie!! Please don't hesitate to ask DudeSpin for campaign contributions in your future political forays!

When is Enough Enough with ESPN?

Admittedly, it was something I had a little extra interest in that drove me over the edge with ESPN, but finally I reached my limit this morning. Why? Yesterday, ESPN devoted its online front page ALL DAY to the "controversy" over whether the Spurs or Mavs was the best team in the NBA, based on John Hollinger concocting some formula that from what I gather places extra emphasis on point differential in the last 10 games. Based on that, he had the Spurs as the best team in the league. This in spite of them being 9 games behind Dallas and 5 behind the Suns, and 9-8 against the league's other elite teams, while Dallas is 11-4 (not to mention 34-2 in its last 36). But, it's not even necessarily the logic that bothered me, it's the fact they hyped it as if with close to 30 games left in the season anyway actually cares, and based on the absurdity of the math, it's something worth such coverage. Even San Antonio agrees it's foolish ( But what made it all the more ridiculous is last night, Dallas beat a hapless Minnesota team by 26, and suddenly the Mavs are #1 in Hollinger's rankings. Does that mean the "controversy" is over, or does that mean readers should check in every morning if they really want to know who's best in the NBA. Because the sole goal is to drive readership.

Now obviously, the dispute itself is irrelevant, since the playoffs start in less than two months and that'll be the ultimate barometer. But the relentless self promotion of ESPN only continues. I forget who cued me to the fact that, last Sunday, in spite of a great Kobe/Lebron showdown, ESPN led off the first 10 minutes with some inconsequential Nascar race. Why? Not because it was a significant race, but because ESPN had broadcast it. The list goes on and on (e.g., X Games).

I don't expect ESPN not to advertise what it does, but has it not become another brand now like Johnson & Johnson or Proctor Gamble that merely is out to market all of its products and, above all else, increase its profits? That would be great, except for one problem, isn't it supposed to be part of the "objective" media? I don't pretend to be naive, and even something like them muting the boos directed at Bush 41 in New Orleans last fall was more silly than anything, but when you read ESPN now, do you not think that they're presenting almost entirely based on marketing? I've noticed Bill Simmons in the last year has been increasingly less subtle in alluding to this fact.

Athlete of the Week: Dude the Dog

I was unpleasantly looking forward to finding some jpeg of Viagra pills to post with ... ugh ... Mark Martin as our Athlete of the Week... Thankfully, Undude saved the day; or more appropriately, Dude the Dog saved the day...

For displaying all those traits that the Dudes encourage and wish they embodied - courage, loyalty, liberal (I'm not sure about that last one, but I'm disinclined to believe that a conservative dog would have done the same thing), Dude the Dog, you are, without question, this week's DudeSpin Athlete of the Week.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another Dude Hall of Fame Candidate?

While Dude the Dog is sure to be enshrined soon (posthumously, as it turns out), I was watching the Stars and Lightning on Vs. tonight when a familiar voice emerged from my TV. That's right, it was Daryl Reaugh, Stars broadcaster and the color commentator on some of the NHL hockey games for the original PlayStation.

Since Reaugh's voice was the soundtrack for many heated battles between the Dudes (saying the same things over and over, but still...) from the Duke days all the way up to the most recent DudeMania in Dallas, it got me thinking that he deserves consideration for his own virtual bust in the Dude Hall of Fame.

I say we put it to a vote.

BTW, Reaugh has a pretty amusing blog that Izzy probably already reads but the rest of you can visit here.

The Search is Over

There is no question about this week's Athlete of the Week. In fact, this athlete might just win Athlete of 2007... In rural Wisconsin, a 27-year-old man was about to be attacked by a charging black bear when his dog leaped in front of the beast. The dog suffered 28 puncture wounds to the chest and neck, and ultimately did not survive. But his heroic act saved the human's life, while reminding us all about loyalty and sacrifice.

The dog's name?


Hayden Panetierre Update

For those of you anxiously waiting a DudeSpin update on Heroes teen actress Hayden Panetierre after Joel's disclosure of his visit later this week with Hayden's personal assistant, you're in luck. DudeSpin favorite Anya Sostek again checks in with an update on Hayden, apparently: she "has tons of Duke connections. Her grandfather, or great-grandfather was dean of the law school and there's a wing named after him (so she said on the Today Show... she'll be attending Santa Monica College, but apparently there was family pressure to go to Duke instead... no word on whether she actually applied)."

So Hayden, if you are reading this blog, drop DudeSpin a line and tell us whether you actually applied and why you declined to go. One thing that has always troubled me about Duke is that despite the school's okay reputation and relative long history, it has an incredibly dearth of famous alumni relative to our peer institutions. I had Ken Starr's son in my UWC class; and of course, the Undude and I had Jason Williams in the best class we ever took at Duke (thanks Yak!). But for some reason, the Natalie Portman, Chelsea Clinton and, now, Hayden Panatierres of the world never seems to want to come to Duke. If I were running the admissions committee, I'd start writing letters to Malia Obama right about now.
Stay tuned for a DudeSpin update on Hayden after Joel's visit.

Athlete of the Week Candidates (Feb. 27, 2007)

As usual, vote for your favorites:

(1) Dirk Nowitzki: The search for freedom continued this past week to the tune of 29 ppg and 10 rpg. His stellar play again begs the question: When will Dirk come out of the closet? Dirk, the Dudes applaud your play, but they would unabashedly applaud your character if you announce your sexuality. You have to admire the Mavericks. With their full complement of parts, they do play some inspiring basketball behind the Little General. It's almost enough to scare me. But alas, I know not to get too wired up about a loss to the Celtics without McGrady AND Yao.

(2) The Journey seniors: Lindsey Harding & Alison Bales capped off their careers in style with a perfect regular season in their senior year by beating UNC at home in a sometimes ugly win. Alison has made many strides since arriving on campus as a timid freshman just four years ago. What more can we say about Lindsey Harding? Although she was suspended for yet-to-be-disclosed reason for AN ENTIRE YEAR, Lindsey stuck with the program and has somehow emerged as a cult national player of the year pick in her senior season over Candace Parker. Quite a journey indeed for these two.

(3) Daisuke Matsusaka: I'm not quite sure what Matsusaka did this past week; but he was on Sportscenter for 10 minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY. So I figured he must have done something in camp to warrant all the attention and, of course, an athlete of the week nomination. Morgan, could you fill DudeSpin in on Dice-K's exploits in camp, I unfortunately tuned out during the my dose of the Daily Dice-K.

My vote goes to the Journey seniors

Monday, February 26, 2007

No Stopping the C's!

Actually, there's been plenty of stopping the C's this year, but the Rockets damaged Boston's dreams of taking home Greg Oden or Kevin Durant by rolling over and handing the C's their 14th win tonight.
Don't worry Undude, you still have the worst record in the league!
And oh yeah, another team because the first in NBA history to win 12 straight for the third time in a season, but on this night, we celebrate Boston.

Journeyer Update: Peppi Browne

DudeSpin fan Anya Sostek chimes in with the news that she saw Ms. Browne at her high school reunion. According to Sostek, Peppi is "getting some sort of masters or Ph.D. at UNC now, and brought along a boyfriend, who seemed nice."

As a disclaimer, we don't urge any of our readers or contributors to engage in the sort of creepy stalking that Ms. Sostek seems to enjoy.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

LiveBlog 6: Duke v. UNC

When Joel is right; Joel is right. Texas viewers will be treated to a phenomenal matchup between Univ. of Houston and Univ. of Memphis instead of Duke - St. John's in the 1 pm time slot. I would be hard pressed to think of a less attractive college hoops matchup. Thus, your favorite DudeSpin contributors will be joining the Journey at 3 CDT.

Be there or be a Paris Hilton sex tape peddler.

(commemorative post / jersey swatch of all time Journey great Peppi Browne, right)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Tenting for the Journey? reports that four tents have sprung up around Cameron in anticipation for the Journey's showdown against North Carolina on Sunday afternoon. I, however, chuckled at this quote from DudeSpin favorite Lindsey Harding, "First off, that [the tent] just shows how far women's basketball at Duke University has come. I remember being here my freshman year and we didn't have one sold-out game. Now there's been a few. It shows how much respect and how far we've come, and I love seeing them out there."

Oh Ms. Harding, you have so much to learn before complaining about not having a sell-out. DudeSpin fondly remembers the pre-Final Four days before the Journey actually embarked on the Journey (98-99 season). Those days involved us walking into Cameron 10 seconds before tip-off, grabbing a seat at midcourt opposite Rob C; and immediately raising the average age of the crowd by 5 years.

While it's good to see tents, though it's too bad the tenters will miss our LiveBlog.

DudeSpin LiveBlog Alert

Join us Sunday afternoon starting at 1 CDT/2 EST as your favorite DudeSpin contributors will engage in some witty banter during a feast of Duke hoops. First, the appetizer, the resurgent Vision will travel to NYC for their annual (and sometimes competitive) battle with the Red Storm; then stay tuned for the main course as the Journey looks to complete its first-ever perfect season and celebrate Lindsey Harding and Alison Bales' senior day against North Carolina in Cameron Indoor.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tylwalk NFL Mock Draft (TM) News -2/22/07

Looks like the case for the Raiders taking a QB with that first pick just got a whole lot stronger, unless they plan on subjecting us to more Andrew Walter next year. They gave Aaron Brooks his walking papers today after just one season. JaMarcus Russell, here we come!

Vagina Alert

Look, I know dislocating one's shoulder is probably a painful experience, but a wee bit melodramatic to ask for a wheelchair when your arm hurts, no?

This dude's the king of playing up his injuries to try and look heroic when he returns. He seemed to suffer a devastating injury four times in last year's Finals, only to return the next game.

And dang it, now tonight's rematch just lost a lot of the excitement.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Unathlete of the Week: Nate Robinson

By a vote of two to one, and an additional advisory vote and explanatory post on a competing blog, Nate Robinson takes home this week's Unathlete of the Week for his dunking ineptitude (shown here during one of his 74 missed dunks on Saturday night). This does give me an opportunity to rehash one of my favorite reasons to dislike Nate Robinson.
On Nov. 30, 2006, with his team up by two points in the second quarter, Nate got loose on a steal and breakaway, and thought to himself, 'why don't I bounce the ball off the floor to myself, and do one of the stupendously spectacular missed dunks I'm so famous for!' Problem is that he never got the opportunity to miss the dunk - he was whistled for traveling before after he bounced the ball off the floor. Nate's Response? "I won't try it again unless we're up 20 points. That's spontaneous Nate. Spur of the moment."
Fast forward three weeks, Nate was one of the protagonists who escalated the Carmelo Anthony slapfest. Why did Nate take such offense to the Nuggets? "For what they did as in keeping guys in, I knew a foul was going to come. A hard one because we're not going to let guys keep dunking when they're up 20 and they have their starters in. It was a good clean hard foul. After that, it went downhill from there. They wanted to embarrass us. It was a slap in the face to us as a team and a franchise and we weren't going to let that happen."
Uhh... Irony???
So according to Nate Robinson, trying goofy dunks is not okay when the game is close - unless you're Nate Robinson, then you're just being spontaneous. Trying goofy dunks is also not okay when the game is out of hand, because then you're embarassing the opponent, UNLESS of course, you're Nate Robinson. Glad that's cleared up.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tylwalk NFL Mock Draft (TM) Ver. 1.0 - Pre-Combine Edition

Commander Weitao says it's time to get going on this, and truthfully, the first mock is my favorite one to do because it's guaranteed to change in a few days! Before I proceed with the picks, I have to say that I'm disappointed about the lack of fun at the top of this draft. Normally, the stage would be set for high comedy, because the guy running the draft for the Lions (Matt Millen) and the guy pulling the strings on the draft for the Raiders (Al Davis) are both borderline insane. But since Calvin Johnson is the best player in this draft, their insane tendencies will accidentally correspond with taking the best available player. And that's no fun. What the Texans did last year, now that was fun.

Without further ado...

1. Oakland - JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU

Apparently some folks think he's the next Vince Young. Davis wishes. If they do take Johnson, one wonders who they plan on using to throw him the ball. And if you're thinking, "Aaron Brooks throws a pretty good deep ball," I'm already laughing at you.

2. Detroit - Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin

Everyone, and I mean everyone has the Lions taking Thomas. But if you're Millen, and you already know you aren't getting fired for incompetence, why start making safe picks now?

3/4. Cleveland - Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma

Peterson has an NFL game as long as he doesn't hurt himself again diving in for touchdowns. The Browns are the first team to kid themselves by thinking they don't need Brady Quinn. Have fun with Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson!

3/4. Tampa Bay - Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech

I'm guessing Johnson will find Chris Simms a much better passer than Reggie Ball, not that it's anything to brag about. Chucky will be pleased to have another playmaker.

5. Arizona - Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson
6. Washington - Jamaal Anderson, DE Arkansas

No one thinks Adams will fall further than these two teams, who both need d-line help. Michigan DT Alan Branch could sneak in here and mess this up - check back after the Combine.

7. Minnesota - Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State

Ginn is the first beneficiary of the "Devin Hester Effect," which bumps guys up the draft board thanks to their special teams value. The Vikings seem hellbent on going with Tarvaris Jackson at QB, so Ginn may actually score more returning kicks. And did you know he'd rather play cornerback?

8. Houston - Levi Brown, OT, Penn State

The third team that shpuld really think about Quinn unless he stinks it up at the Combine. Sure, getting Brown will allow David Carr or [insert your favorite backup QB here] to stay upright, but so what? I guess Domanick "I used to be Davis" Williams is the reason they don't think harder about Marshawn Lynch.

9. Miami - Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame

I've seen some scouts think that the closest comparison for Quinn already in the NFL is... Joey Harrington! So this is perfect, really. Daunte Culpepper, we hardly knew ye.

10. Atlanta - LaRon Landry, S, LSU

One of the top two needs for the Falcons, the other being someone to break Arthur Blank's man-crush on Michael Vick.

11. San Francisco - Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville

A lot of people like a wide receiver here; maybe if Dwayne Jarrett runs faster than everyone thinks he will. I'm rolling the dice on Louisville's teenage d-line prodigy.

12. Buffalo - Alan Branch, DT, Michigan

Another tough pick to predict, as I don't think I've seen two people whose opinions I respect agree here. I just think Branch will be too good to pass on if he's still around.

13. St. Louis - Charles Johnson, DE, Georgia

If this doesn't help shore up the pass rush, maybe the Rams can use Steven Jackson as a rush end. That guy's a beast.

14. Carolina - Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU

Here's a young man whose stock is on the rise, and all it took was some surgery so he could actually, you know, see the ball. Keyshawn is making noises about retiring too.

15. Pittsburgh - Leon Hall, CB, Michigan

This could easily be a DE/OLB instead, but it seems like Pittsburgh's been looking for CB help forever.

16. Green Bay - Marshawn Lynch, RB, Cal

Lynch seems like a younger Ahman Green, which might make Brett Favre decide not to retire again. Sorry Aaron Rodgers.

17. Jacksonville - Jarvis Moss, DE, Florida

Mel Kiper likes Sidney Rice here, possibly to add to the Jags' already impressive collection of "Will they ever pan out?" receivers. I'm guessing they'll go a different direction.

18. Cincinnati - Darrelle Revis, CB, Pitt

Another "Hester Effect" beneficiary, with the added bonus that he actually looks like he might be a good corner. Ah, but does he know how to avoid the police blotter?

19. Tennessee - Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee

The Titans stay in-state and send Rice and Jarrett further down the board.

20. New York Giants - Reggie Nelson, DB, Florida

The G-Men really could use help in a lot of places, but this pick will fill a need and break the hearts of the Cowboys, who really could use Nelson.

21. Denver - Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska

There isn't a running back worth taking here, though the death of Darrent Williams could have them considering a corner.

22. Dallas - Brandon Meriweather, S, Miami

Hey, wasn't he involved in some incident last year or something? I can't seem to recall...

23. Kansas City - Sidney Rice, WR, South Carolina

Now here's a team that needs a project wide receiver to join the rich heritage of Sylvester Morris and Snoop Minnis. Make it so!

24. New England - Daymeion Hughes, CB, Cal

It never hurts to have more corners for the inevitable face-off with Peyton Manning and company.

25. New York Jets - Zach Miller, TE, Arizona St.

Watch closely to see if Miller or Miami's Greg Olsen comes out of workouts with more momentum.

26. Philadelphia - Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn St.

Contingent on Paul P. checking out healthy and Philly not getting enthralled with a workout warrior type. I think they still remember Mike Mamula there.

27. New Orleans - Lawrence Timmons, LB, Florida St.

A real need area for America's Team - The Next Generation. They did it with mirrors at LB last season.

28. New England - Anthony Spencer, DE, Purdue

Tom Brady desperately needs non-Florida wideouts to throw to, but the Pats' usually stout front seven also needs help at OLB. Maybe Brady's lovechild will grow up to be a receiver.

29. Baltimore - Ben Grubbs, G, Auburn

Not a sexy pick, but important to try to get Steve McNair through another season in one piece.

30. San Diego - Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC

Maybe if he goes this low he'll work extra hard to avoid becoming the next Mike Williams.

31. Chicago - Patrick Willis, LB, Ole Miss

Because if you didn't notice, the Bears D was pretty much living off their rep by the time they got to the Super Bowl.

32. Indianapolis - Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee

Will he get to star in commercials alongside Peyton if he helps stop the run?

Unathlete of the Week Candidates

In a light week for sports, this week's parade of horribles starts, unquestionably, with former NBA-er Tim Hardaway - who made the unfortunate decision to announce his bigotry and his hate for Dirk Nowitzki to the world last week. Sadly, DudeSpin rules deem that the unathlete label cannot be applied to off-court misbehavior, thus the candidates follow:

(1) Nate Robinson: Last year, he stole the dunk champion title from Andre Iguodala, who had the consensus best dunk on that night. Of course, Robinson "claimed" that title on what seemed like his 35th dunk attempt in the Finals. This year, Nate Robinson apparently again bribed the dunk judges, and somehow bested Dwight Howard's ridiculously creative and outrageous dunk to advance to the Finals. And to top it off, Robinson again made himself look silly by failing to execute a successful dunk in the allotted 2 minutes. Thankfully, the judges correctly awarded the honor to Gerald Green. Here's hoping that a career .100 dunker should not be allowed to parade his crappiness at the annual dunk contest ever again.

(2) Jared Dudley: The ACC Player of the Year favorite choked on apple sauce this week. In a home game midweek against the free-falling Vision, Dudley took only 5 shots and was held to 11 points in the Eagles' embarassing capitulation - but Dudley saved the best choke for last for Saturday's battle for 1st place against UNC. Dudley was fouled shooting a three pointer with roughly a minute left and his team down by 3, and promptly Nick Andersoned ALL 3 FREEBIES. Later in the game, Dudley also missed another potential game-tying three, but the gag job at the line had already sealed his unathlete nomination.

(3) Not Lindsey Harding: She has been simply spectacular, and I couldn't think of any more candidates.

As usual, vote for your candidate. My vote goes to Robinson.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Tom Brady: Baby Daddy and other SAT Questions

Well dudes, the reputation and sanctity of America's favorite football superhero just took another blow to the eye - Tom Brady is fathering a child out of wedlock with someone he has no plans of marrying. One would have thought that it would be difficult to ever mention Tom Brady and Shawn Kemp in the same sentence; but in this instance, DudeSpin has done it! And I don't think DudeSpin will be the only Blog to run out this SAT question:

Tom Brady is to Bridget Moynahan as Kevin Federline is to:

(a) Britney Spears
(b) Bald Britney Spears
(c) Trailer Trash Britney Spears
(d) All of the Above

And a final thought: I'm guessing a condom wasn't one of the five layers of protection offered by Visa?

Running out of Superlatives for Harding

You may be wondering why Lindsey Harding is making her umpteenth appearance in DudeSpin, but the National Player of the Year (candidate) continues to bring it like no other in her team's biggest games. Yesterday, on the road against Maryland in its Senior Night, Harding hit what seemed like every shot in the first half, and when the Terps adjusted their defense in the second half, Harding found open teammates. Again, I'm not going to recite any stats, because there's really no need. She shut down Christie Tolliver and Shay Doron, and she shined like no other on offense.

Congratulations Lindsey!!! You would win DudeSpin's Barack Obama Rising Star Award - if DudeSpin actually awarded such an honor.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

News of the Obvious: Asians Love Gambling

Apparently, there is something even more important going on in Vegas this weekend than the All-Star game - and that is the Chinese New Year celebration. Good thing the dudes aren't in Vegas this weekend, as the $5 blackjack tables might be an endangered species with the ASG masses and Asians trolling around looking for action.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dudes in the Shooting Stars Competition Next Year?

After watching the weird competition that teams an NBA player, a WNBA player and a legend from the same city, I think the Dudes should be invited to compete at the 2008 All-Star Game. I'm thinking we qualify because...

Joel = no-conscience gunner = NBA player
Neal = lots of groupies = NBA player
Vic = small Asian man = (roughly) WNBA player
Nick = old guy = legend

Start practicing gentlemen...

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Franchise Makes Incredibly Generous Offer to Mavs Owner!

I'll admit that I don't read Blog Maverick as often as I should, so I decided to catch up on all of Cuban's recent posts today. Good stuff as always... until I got to this paragraph from his post about the future of P2P technologies...

The premise of the technically is to break up files into pieces and distribute those pieces on to the PCs of end users who have downloaded the BitTorrent type client. Then when a user requests the file to be delivered or streamed to them, rather than having to go to a host server, a tracker determines where all the file pieces are, and defines how the user reassembles them into a copy of the original on his or her computer as a file or a stream.
Thats the very, very simplific explanation of how it works.
Eh, perhaps if you are a multi-billionaire you can make up as many words as you wish, but simplific is not a word!

Fortunately, I have a very simple solution to prevent things like this from happening in the future: on behalf of the Committee, I officially offer the services of the Dudes to Blog Maverick. If hired, Morgan and I will scan new posts for fabricated words, then the legal arm of the Committee will file trademark paperwork for anything we dig up. And this service will come at a bargain price of, say, $1 million annually to be split evenly among the Dudes.

Damn generous if you ask me.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Borderline Blasphemy!

No, not DudeSpin's lack of commentary on the beginning of the 2007 NASCAR season in today's Gatorade Duel 150s . I'm referring instead to the Chronicle's blog entry about their coverage - or lack thereof, since they were iced out of going to Boston - of the B.C. game. Sports Editor Greg Beaton claims he spoke to past sports staffers and no one could recall a men's basketball game while school was in session that did not have a Chronicle reporter present. Funny, I don't think Mr. Beaton consulted with the Dudes! I'm guessing he didn't contact Kane, Rachel or Sostek either, meaning our particular staff was woefully unrepresented.

And in other news, Harvard's paper has sportswriters?

Kelly Kapowski

If we're talking about Kelly Kapowski's top-10 moments, well, let me remind you about the time she mini-golfed with a certain handsome, multiple-time winner of the Dude Masters. I was living in Los Angeles at the time, and some friends went out for some classic fun. I was told that the course we were playing was originally made famous as the site of Daniel and Ali's first date in The Karate Kid, but that rumor proved to be unfounded. Anyway, my friends and I were golfing when we get stuck behind a slower group. And then another group got stick behind us. As we all mingled waiting to tee off, I suddenly saw her: a vision of loveliness… the one, the only, Kelly Kapowski. She bummed a cigarette off one of my friends, but then the magic happened. The two of us were examining the next hole, and before I knew it, we were discussing strategy. Now, it only lasted 15 seconds*, but how often do you get to discuss miniature golf with a graduate of Bayside High? I mean, other than Screech?
Unfortunately, all this sexy mini-golf talk wasn't enough for me to win her heart. She went home with the grungy guy she came with, and I went home alone to play with my putter. On our way out, we also sawTobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst about to play a round. And while surely Spiderman was going home with the hotter girl, I like to think I went home with the better putt-putt score.
*Coincidentally, that's exactly how long the sex would have lasted, had she found me attractive.

Stay Tuned for a DudeSpin World Exclusive . . .

DudeSpin is proud to announce that it has officially signed a deal with world-renowned (in our world anyway) NFL draft analyst Nick Tylwalk to be its Draft Insider for the 2007 NFL Draft. What this means, DudeSpin readers, is that this website will be the only place on these Internets (think of it as a series of tubes) to find the most recent updates of the Tylwalk Mock Drafts and its spot-on analysis (no, I'm definitely not mimicking the self-congratulatory announcements from the DBR people).

For those you unfamilar with the draft expertise of Nick Tylwalk, try this on for size. Last season, Tylwalk successfully projected:

(1) that Reggie Bush would go in the top 5 (he did, going no. 2 to New Orleans)
(2) that Vince Young would one of the 1st 3 QBs selected (he was, going no. 3 to Tennessee)
(3) that Marques Colston would be the non-QB offensive prospect to make the most impact on his team (actually, we're kidding about this one)

The initial Tylwalk Mock Draft will appear within a week... Stayed tuned...

Another Awesome Valentine's Day Idea

Well, if you didn't get your Valentine that John Koronka jersey swatch card that s/he always wanted; or that legal advice on how to create a tax shelter for his/her capital gains, never fear, White Castle is here to help with another great idea: take your Valentine to White Castle for dinner.

I'm more than a little bit curious about the turnout at these great participating White Castle locations.

Dude....Not Dude

Outspoken comedian and liberal radio host Al Franken announced Wednesday that he intends to run for the U.S. Senate from his home state of Minnesota.

"You know, I hate gay people, so I let it be known," Hardaway said. "I don't like gay people and I don't like to be around gay people. I am homophobic. I don't like it. It shouldn't be in the world or in the United States."

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Is Tony Romo a better QB than A.C. Slater?

I know all of you want to see Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell AND holder-extraordinaire Tony Romo sing Journey's Don't Stop Believing together on stage in front of hundreds of adoring drunken fans; well, today is your lucky day. I can't really speak for the rest of the Dudes, but I was a huge fan of Saved by the Bell. Someday, I might just post a list of the top 10 Saved by the Bell moments ever (and I've got a sneaking suspicion that Kelly Kapowski will be involved in at least 11 of those moments). But seeing one generational icon share the stage with another Dude Committee icon (and some random heavy metal band) made my afternoon.

I will appreciate, in advance, all of the dudes' thanks for my tracking down of this gold nugget of a YouTube find.

Did You Know?

In the spirit of Weitao's Valentine wishes, I thought

I should commend the Dude on his firm's recent recognition. Did you know that his firm "recently was listed among the top five 'go to' law practices in litigation based upon a survey of Fortune 250 companies conducted by Corporate Counsel magazine. " I couldn't be prouder of the dude. To have such Fortune 250 companies as Exxon, Wal-Mart, AIG, and Citibank declare you to have such a "go to" practice really says a lot about your devotion and dedication to Corporate America. Congratulations young Asian!!! Unfortunately, my firm has never received recognition for defending corporations, but only for its work on behalf of plaintiffs. If only Corporate Counsel would some day bestow such honors upon my humble place of work. Otherwise, I don't know if we could live up to Weitao's constant labeling.

Happy Valentine's Day

To all of the loyal readers of Dude Committee Thoughts blog (yes, all of the handful of you), happy Valentine's Day!! And if you need some help getting some last minute gifts, be sure to check out sports cards, or perhaps some corporate legal services - they do make for great gifts!!

Athlete of the Week: Josh Howard

Paging Dr. Howard! In outpacing Doc Rivers and the Journey in the closest ever ballot yesterday, the skilled Mavericks wing celebrated a rare trifecta this past week - the birth of his first child, the selection to his first all-star game, and winning his first ever Athlete of the Week honor. Congratulations Josh!! I'm not sure which ranks atop Dr. Howard's list, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that the print-out of this blog page might be framed and placed atop the mantle above the fireplace in Dr. Howard's living room!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Athlete of the Week Candidates

As usual, vote for the candidate you feel most deserving:

(1) Josh Howard: The Former WFU star dazzled in the Mavericks' 3 blowout wins during the week, including a crisp 22 point, 7 rebound performance in Dallas's dismantling of Houston - a performance that came while being guarded by defensive player of the year candidate Shane Battier. In the ongoing Houston-Dallas saga that is sure to extend deep into May and June, Howard helped to put the second exclamation point on the page in this heated I-45 rivalry.

(2) Doc Rivers: While the other languishing teams are, for some unknown reason, trying to save some respectability by winning a few games - e.g. Atlanta, Charlotte, Philly - Doc appears to be the only person, excluding the inconsequential Bill Simmons, who is aware of the real prize here - Kevreg Duroden. Doc masterfully led his Celtics to 3 more losses during the week, and managed to work in perennial All-Star Paul Pierce back into the lineup without disrupting the losing chemistry.

(3) John Amaechi: The hilarity of the video on his website touting him as an "NBA Superstar" aside, the former NBA player announced he was gay this past week - becoming the 1st current or former NBA player to do so.

(4) The Journey: The team continued its undefeated run with a nearly wire-to-wire win on the road against UNC. Although Lindsey Harding controlled the tempo and shut down her counterpart Ivory Latta, she was merely a part of a phenomenal overall team effort.

My vote goes to Josh Howard.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I love Mark Cuban

For all the inter-dude bickering about the respective postseason prospects of the Dallas Mavericks and the Houston Rockets, I must admit one thing - I unabashedly love Mark Cuban. First of all, what's not to like about (1) spoiling all of your players with the best facilities in the NBA; (2) not hesitating about accruing fines to support your team; (3) being such a visible presence at the games; and (4) running a blog that's almost as popular as ours. But, then he says this about gay athletes, and especially, any active gay athlete that would come out: "You would be an absolute hero to more Americans than you can ever possibly be as an athlete, and that'll put money in your pocket. On the flip side, if you're the idiot who condemns somebody because they're gay, then you're going to be ostracized, you're going to be picketed and you're going to ruin whatever marketing endorsements you have."

Though I would take issue with him commodifying one of the more difficult decisions I would imagine an athlete could make (unlike, for example, Jackass Clemens' decision of which team to be a mercenary for), you have to applaud him for taking such a strong stance against the Shavlik Randolphs of the world.

I hope that when Dirk finally comes out, Mark Cuban is fully in his corner.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is the Vision a Final Four* Team This Year?

* Final Four of the NIT, obviously.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Catch Obamania & Meet Your Next President!!

Dude-endorsed, Mother-approved!! Welcome to the Race (formally) Professor!!

To celebrate this ocassion, I have sent a copy of The Audacity of Hope to all dudes who I have an address on file for, and whose name is not Joel Israel. Enjoy!!

I can do all things through god, including beating out Keith Bogans

It looks like J.J. Redick has finally moved ahead of Keith Bogans on the Magic depth chart... Of course, young J.J. might be moved back to the bench once Grant Hill returns from injury, but nevertheless, he might have earned a semi-permanent spot in the rotation with his recent play.

Friday, February 09, 2007

How's the view down there T-Mac?

Journey On!!

Since the graduation of Alana Beard, the Journey had been searching for a program player - someone who could put the team on her back and guide it to a win. Last night, Lindsey Harding fully emerged as that player. I don't know what her stats were, because, frankly, first, I'm too lazy, but more importantly, she is the type of player where you never need a box score to appreciate how well she played. She calmly orchestrated her team's offense against the celebrated UNC pressure defense, scored when her team needed her (including a gorgeous drive in the game's final two minutes), and completely embarassed Ivory Latta on defense.

Mazel Tov Lindsey & the Journey!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Shavlik Randolph - Probably Didn't Help to Paint the East-West Bridge Pink

From a Yahoo! Sports story about the coming out of John Amaechi...

Injured Philadelphia Sixers forward Shavlik Randolph acknowledged it's a new situation.

"As long as you don't bring your gayness on me I'm fine," Randolph said. "As far as business-wise, I'm sure I could play with him. But I think it would create a little awkwardness in the locker room."

First, I have no idea why they interviewed a borderline NBA player like Shavlik Randolph... Second, very enlightened of Shavlik to think that "gayness" can be "brought" upon someone... Third, very humbling of Shavlik to think that a gay player would find an oaf like himself attractive... Shame on you Shavlik, Shame on you... Stop making ridiculously stupid quotes, and go back to doing what you do best - fouling people and wasting your potential.

Meet the New Cowboys Coach

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting that Jerry Jones is set to hire Wade Phillips (right)
to be the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys... Funny, Phillips does seem to bear a striking resemblance to some of his predecessors, namely, Chan Gailey and Dave Campo.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Paulus - retroactive unathlete??

How about not taking a bad shot or five in crunch time???

Ted Roof's Biggest Loss of the Season

Now I think Ted Roof's drifting into the danger zone. The last two years, as you may or may not realize based on on-the-field results, Roof managed to recruit a pair of top-40 classes (31st and 36th). Nothing that's going to win any national championships, of course, but the kind of talent that should at least allow a bowl game every now and then. But today is National Signing Day, and 2007 is a different story. I've seen several rankings, and none have as higher than 64th. ESPN puts us at 88th, with more than half of our recruits essentially unrated. All along, I've thought Roof deserved a chance because his players didn't quit and, more importantly, he seemed to be bringing in competitive talent. If that's changing now, and Roof puts up another 0-2 win season next year, you wonder if the clock starts ticking on him. My logic used to be, well, if he can bring in top-40 classes year after year, he can't help but win at some point. But if that stops happening, and we don't start winning, perhaps it'll be time for Raising the Roof to go the way of Airborne.

On Beijing and the Pleamaker

A single DeadSpin post about the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Michael Irvin, and the cracking on the Chinese's ability to speak English? A duder post one could not imagine!!!

Unathlete of the Week; Neal Morgan

After tabulating the votes for slated candidates, it's an unanimous decision in favor of Neal Thomas Morgan for Unathlete of the Week. Although the advisory vote in favor of Mike Krzyzewski and the write-in vote for the Sex Cannon were persuasive, ultimately, the two votes for Morgan clinched the deal. I would have more to say on the subject, but I need to go sell my soul for the next 8 or 10 hours or so.

The candidates for Athletes of the Week are probably going to come from performers in the Duke-UNC games tonight and tomorrow, and the Rockets-Mavs game on Friday. So keep your eyes open.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Unathlete of the Week Candidates

As per usual, comments and votes will be appreciated.

(1) Mike Krzyzewski: Perhaps the game's greatest coach, in the area of failing to make in-game adjustments, showed why he is the greatest in two games this past week. Despite Virginia's 2nd best player playing with cramps in the game's last 8 minutes and the team resorting to end-of-bench warm bodies inside, Krzyzewski failed to capitalize on the matchups and looked absolutely inept on offense for the game-ending stretch in Duke's midweek loss to Virginia. Krzyzewski then followed it up with another stinker in which the team blew a 27-10 1st half lead and squandered another chance to win at the end - a chance given to Duke thanks to a questionable technical on the FSU Head Coach Leonard Hamilton and a dubious jump ball call on an offensive rebound.

(2) George Karl: Having been given a new Ferrari named Iverson to play with, George Karl seems to have some problems figuring out what to do with it. The Nuggets have now lost 5 of 6, with their only win coming in overtime against the lowly Blazers. Despite many whispers from experts that the Nuggets could be a dark horse, they are instead struggling to remain in the playoff picture.

(3) Neal Morgan: I would write a blurb here, but my calender for the next few hours looks pretty crowded.

My vote goes to Morgan.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Not so fast, Weitao

This is the entire Committee's blog, not your own. We all have the power to delete objectionable posts. Tylwalk was granted the responsibility to craft Irvin's piece, not you!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Congratulations Double 8!

Your greatness is cemented. One more to come, and the triplets will be reunited again.


Lest we ignore all important streaks, congrats to the C's on breaking a franchise record last night with their 14th straight loss! May Kevin Durant be your just reward!

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Price of Championships

To once again direct attention away from horses, I'd like to draw the dudes' attention to an eye-opening story in the NY Times today about Ted Johnson, former Patriots captain and middle linebacker, who is now suffering from the early symptoms of Alzheimer's, at the age of 34. He directs the blame partly to the Modified Sweatshirt, who went against Johnson's doctor's orders and made him practice in full-contract drills despite the fact that Johnson was still suffering from a concussion. This is, of course, yet another reason to root against the Patriots and the Modified Sweatshirt.