Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another Dude Hall of Fame Candidate?

While Dude the Dog is sure to be enshrined soon (posthumously, as it turns out), I was watching the Stars and Lightning on Vs. tonight when a familiar voice emerged from my TV. That's right, it was Daryl Reaugh, Stars broadcaster and the color commentator on some of the NHL hockey games for the original PlayStation.

Since Reaugh's voice was the soundtrack for many heated battles between the Dudes (saying the same things over and over, but still...) from the Duke days all the way up to the most recent DudeMania in Dallas, it got me thinking that he deserves consideration for his own virtual bust in the Dude Hall of Fame.

I say we put it to a vote.

BTW, Reaugh has a pretty amusing blog that Izzy probably already reads but the rest of you can visit here.


Head Dude said...

I say we don't start becoming the UNC basketball program and retiring jerseys on a daily basis. Both Dude the Dog and Razor could be nominees, but they'll have to wait for the nomination process like everyone else. Actually, I'd be okay with an exception for Dude, since death usually overrides the rules.

Btw, Weitao, what were you doing watching the Stars/Lightning? Did you get aggravated by the Mavs torching another opponent?

vwz said...

Joel, stop hallucinating; you know I would never, ever, stoop so low as to watch a regular season NHL game... That was Tylwalk...

We're nowhere near the UNC Hall of Fame. Let's not forget that neither the Lovely Ladies nor "Joe" has made the Hall; and Anya hasn't even been nominated. The standards are stringent, but fair.

However, we have the necessary nominations for Dude the Dog's enshrinement the DudeSpin Hall of Fame (myself and izzy)...

Now the vote process (3 votes required)... I vote yay.

Head Dude said...

I think sometimes I assume too much that Weitao has created the posts, without checking first.

Don't bring up bitter feelings about Joe. Neal and I will be back campaigning harder than ever this year.

I vote yay for Dude the Dog, and request Darryl Reaugh be added to the ballot in the fall when the 2007 ballot is released.

The Franchise said...

I also want Reaugh on the ballot this fall, plus I too vote yay for Dude the Dog.

And I nominate the fake Hayden Panetierre for the charter class of the Dude Hall of Shame!

ThadisRad said...

Obviously Dude the Dog is a unanimous choice. He's the first animal in, perhaps to be followed by a dead horse?