Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Athlete of the Week Candidates (Feb. 27, 2007)

As usual, vote for your favorites:

(1) Dirk Nowitzki: The search for freedom continued this past week to the tune of 29 ppg and 10 rpg. His stellar play again begs the question: When will Dirk come out of the closet? Dirk, the Dudes applaud your play, but they would unabashedly applaud your character if you announce your sexuality. You have to admire the Mavericks. With their full complement of parts, they do play some inspiring basketball behind the Little General. It's almost enough to scare me. But alas, I know not to get too wired up about a loss to the Celtics without McGrady AND Yao.

(2) The Journey seniors: Lindsey Harding & Alison Bales capped off their careers in style with a perfect regular season in their senior year by beating UNC at home in a sometimes ugly win. Alison has made many strides since arriving on campus as a timid freshman just four years ago. What more can we say about Lindsey Harding? Although she was suspended for yet-to-be-disclosed reason for AN ENTIRE YEAR, Lindsey stuck with the program and has somehow emerged as a cult national player of the year pick in her senior season over Candace Parker. Quite a journey indeed for these two.

(3) Daisuke Matsusaka: I'm not quite sure what Matsusaka did this past week; but he was on Sportscenter for 10 minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY. So I figured he must have done something in camp to warrant all the attention and, of course, an athlete of the week nomination. Morgan, could you fill DudeSpin in on Dice-K's exploits in camp, I unfortunately tuned out during the my dose of the Daily Dice-K.

My vote goes to the Journey seniors


Nick Tylwalk said...

My write-in vote is for the driver of the NEXTEL Cup #01 Army car, Mark Martin. After nearly two decades driving for Jack Roush, Martin joined Ginn Racing this year for what was supposed to be a part-time schedule. That may change now: he fell just inches short of winning his first Daytona 500 and turned in another top-5 finish at California, and leads the points race for the first time since 2002. For continuing to compete with guys half his age and getting it done two years after he was supposed to retire, Martin is my Athlete of the Week.

HD said...

I vote none of the above. When you're 33-2 in your last 35, I understand that means someone's playing well, but nothing out of the ordinary for Dirk this week. Ditto for being 29-0.
And I hate ESPN and its blatant self-promotion (see today's online cover with a ridiculous Dallas vs. San Antonio debate, a debate concocted by its own experts' ratings), so no there.
Uh, I hate to go along with Nascar, but lacking any alternative, sigh, I'll go with Tylwalk

Thad is Rad said...

DudeSpin will never, ever endorse a NASCAR driver for such a prestigious award. That may fly on Kane's blog, but not here.

I mean, Joel, I'm sure some horse was put down at some second-rate track in Jersey this week. Can't he get our votes?

Or what about Manny, who arrived late for camp, but actually made headlines for arriving earlier than his planned lateness?

Or that Olympian who survived a plane crash?