Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Athlete of the Week Candidates

As usual, vote for the candidate you feel most deserving:

(1) Josh Howard: The Former WFU star dazzled in the Mavericks' 3 blowout wins during the week, including a crisp 22 point, 7 rebound performance in Dallas's dismantling of Houston - a performance that came while being guarded by defensive player of the year candidate Shane Battier. In the ongoing Houston-Dallas saga that is sure to extend deep into May and June, Howard helped to put the second exclamation point on the page in this heated I-45 rivalry.

(2) Doc Rivers: While the other languishing teams are, for some unknown reason, trying to save some respectability by winning a few games - e.g. Atlanta, Charlotte, Philly - Doc appears to be the only person, excluding the inconsequential Bill Simmons, who is aware of the real prize here - Kevreg Duroden. Doc masterfully led his Celtics to 3 more losses during the week, and managed to work in perennial All-Star Paul Pierce back into the lineup without disrupting the losing chemistry.

(3) John Amaechi: The hilarity of the video on his website touting him as an "NBA Superstar" aside, the former NBA player announced he was gay this past week - becoming the 1st current or former NBA player to do so.

(4) The Journey: The team continued its undefeated run with a nearly wire-to-wire win on the road against UNC. Although Lindsey Harding controlled the tempo and shut down her counterpart Ivory Latta, she was merely a part of a phenomenal overall team effort.

My vote goes to Josh Howard.


Head Dude said...

I feel like voting for John Amaechi would be a little like voting for Barbaro, and I recall being roundly criticized for the latter. I support Amaechi, but I guess under the Committee's definition, he did nothing athletic.
And I do like the Weitao's subtle dig at Bill Simmons. I lost more respect for that guy when, after all his years of bagging on Manning and the Colts, he waited a week before being a sore loser and writing about the Super Bowl. I say watch out for new ESPN columnist Matt Mosley, who was a columnist/blogger for the Dallas Morning News until a few weeks ago and is pretty funny.
As for my vote, Josh Howard, but not merely because he had another strong week on the court. He also was named to his first all-star game, and had his first baby with an unknown woman. Weitao can only hope he's off his mark on Thursday, or the Rockets will face a 10 1/2 game deficit and 1-3 mark against the Mavs, both of which you figure should convince the dude to shut his yapper until the playoffs...not that it will.

The Franchise said...

I wanted to vote for Doc Rivers, but since two votes are already in for Howard I suppose he takes it.

And you are right, coming out does not make you Athlete of the Week, courageous though it may be. Plus, I've seen Amaechi play, and it's not a stretch to say he did nothing athletic for his whole career!

vwz said...

I'll count Tylwalk's vote for Rivers, and if Undude votes for Rivers, then we'd have a tie!

ThadisRad said...

Actually, my vote goes to the Journey. An impressive win Thursday... impressive enough to have me caring about women's hoops again.

Oh, and can we skip doing (un)Athletes of the Week and just assume it goes to Paulus every time until he puts on shoulder pads for Roof's Rough Riders?

Head Dude said...

I don't know Neal, if he has as many turnovers at quarterback as he does at point guard, we'd be better handing the ball off every time.