Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is the Vision a Final Four* Team This Year?

* Final Four of the NIT, obviously.


Head Dude said...

Fortunately because the Mavs were playing on Fox Sports at 5, I didn't get to watch Paulus and his 7 turnovers.
I still think we'll make the tournament, but I'm happy to have moved out of D.C. last summer. Down here, no one cares about Duke, so once I turn each game off, it's out of sight if not out of mind.
Down years like this shows you how much they wasted the 98-06 period with just one championship -- that sort of dominance can't last forever, even if it returns next year.

Nick said...

I hereby ban the following words from all articles about Duke men's games for the remainder of this season:

shocked, stunned, collapse

The first two are banned because nothing could surprise me with this team at this point. The last one is banned because it's an unpleasant reminder of what's happening to this season.

vwz said...

Actually, if we beat UNC on the road, that would "shock" and "stun" me.

Because the program didn't recruit a PG last year, we might see a stagnant team until either we recruit a legit PG, or go-to scorers emerge to cover up Paulus's deficiencies

Nick said...

Wait, you need go-to scorers to win basketball games? When did that happen?