Friday, February 09, 2007

Journey On!!

Since the graduation of Alana Beard, the Journey had been searching for a program player - someone who could put the team on her back and guide it to a win. Last night, Lindsey Harding fully emerged as that player. I don't know what her stats were, because, frankly, first, I'm too lazy, but more importantly, she is the type of player where you never need a box score to appreciate how well she played. She calmly orchestrated her team's offense against the celebrated UNC pressure defense, scored when her team needed her (including a gorgeous drive in the game's final two minutes), and completely embarassed Ivory Latta on defense.

Mazel Tov Lindsey & the Journey!!

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Head Dude said...

I agree she's good, but aren't you forgetting Monique Currie? She did get us 8 seconds away from a national championship after all.

I'm both amused and annoyed by Ivory Latta, but she's definitely one of those players where it feels like she's been at UNC for about 13 years. Unlike Rashanda McCants, who's fun to watch for one obvious reason.