Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kelly Kapowski

If we're talking about Kelly Kapowski's top-10 moments, well, let me remind you about the time she mini-golfed with a certain handsome, multiple-time winner of the Dude Masters. I was living in Los Angeles at the time, and some friends went out for some classic fun. I was told that the course we were playing was originally made famous as the site of Daniel and Ali's first date in The Karate Kid, but that rumor proved to be unfounded. Anyway, my friends and I were golfing when we get stuck behind a slower group. And then another group got stick behind us. As we all mingled waiting to tee off, I suddenly saw her: a vision of loveliness… the one, the only, Kelly Kapowski. She bummed a cigarette off one of my friends, but then the magic happened. The two of us were examining the next hole, and before I knew it, we were discussing strategy. Now, it only lasted 15 seconds*, but how often do you get to discuss miniature golf with a graduate of Bayside High? I mean, other than Screech?
Unfortunately, all this sexy mini-golf talk wasn't enough for me to win her heart. She went home with the grungy guy she came with, and I went home alone to play with my putter. On our way out, we also sawTobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst about to play a round. And while surely Spiderman was going home with the hotter girl, I like to think I went home with the better putt-putt score.
*Coincidentally, that's exactly how long the sex would have lasted, had she found me attractive.


HD said...

Would you believe that that's the second story I've heard about TA Thiessen and mini-golf? Someone I worked with in LA also was playing in a group in front of TA a few years ago. One more random encounter of her on the links, and she may just earn a nomination for the Dude HOF.

Nick Tylwalk said...

That story also makes me think Tobey Maguire could someday make the Dude HOF. He's already known to be a big poker player, plus Neal ran into him playing mini golf. I'd say if one of us bumps into him bowling he's in.

Anonymous said...

Wow-would love to run into TA sometime-she can bum acigarette of me anytime.

Anonymous said...

Love Tiff-wish I was there-how long ago was this?