Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stay Tuned for a DudeSpin World Exclusive . . .

DudeSpin is proud to announce that it has officially signed a deal with world-renowned (in our world anyway) NFL draft analyst Nick Tylwalk to be its Draft Insider for the 2007 NFL Draft. What this means, DudeSpin readers, is that this website will be the only place on these Internets (think of it as a series of tubes) to find the most recent updates of the Tylwalk Mock Drafts and its spot-on analysis (no, I'm definitely not mimicking the self-congratulatory announcements from the DBR people).

For those you unfamilar with the draft expertise of Nick Tylwalk, try this on for size. Last season, Tylwalk successfully projected:

(1) that Reggie Bush would go in the top 5 (he did, going no. 2 to New Orleans)
(2) that Vince Young would one of the 1st 3 QBs selected (he was, going no. 3 to Tennessee)
(3) that Marques Colston would be the non-QB offensive prospect to make the most impact on his team (actually, we're kidding about this one)

The initial Tylwalk Mock Draft will appear within a week... Stayed tuned...

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