Friday, February 23, 2007

Tenting for the Journey? reports that four tents have sprung up around Cameron in anticipation for the Journey's showdown against North Carolina on Sunday afternoon. I, however, chuckled at this quote from DudeSpin favorite Lindsey Harding, "First off, that [the tent] just shows how far women's basketball at Duke University has come. I remember being here my freshman year and we didn't have one sold-out game. Now there's been a few. It shows how much respect and how far we've come, and I love seeing them out there."

Oh Ms. Harding, you have so much to learn before complaining about not having a sell-out. DudeSpin fondly remembers the pre-Final Four days before the Journey actually embarked on the Journey (98-99 season). Those days involved us walking into Cameron 10 seconds before tip-off, grabbing a seat at midcourt opposite Rob C; and immediately raising the average age of the crowd by 5 years.

While it's good to see tents, though it's too bad the tenters will miss our LiveBlog.

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