Monday, February 19, 2007

Tom Brady: Baby Daddy and other SAT Questions

Well dudes, the reputation and sanctity of America's favorite football superhero just took another blow to the eye - Tom Brady is fathering a child out of wedlock with someone he has no plans of marrying. One would have thought that it would be difficult to ever mention Tom Brady and Shawn Kemp in the same sentence; but in this instance, DudeSpin has done it! And I don't think DudeSpin will be the only Blog to run out this SAT question:

Tom Brady is to Bridget Moynahan as Kevin Federline is to:

(a) Britney Spears
(b) Bald Britney Spears
(c) Trailer Trash Britney Spears
(d) All of the Above

And a final thought: I'm guessing a condom wasn't one of the five layers of protection offered by Visa?


Head Dude said...

Apparently Brady's offensive linemen only provide him with one form of protection. I smell a Visa commercial sequel.

Grizzly said...

I have a question... why is it that when Natalie Portman shaves her head for a movie role, people think she is a dedicated actress doing everything she can to improve the role, but when Britney shaves her head because she is doped up and insane, everyone says she needs help?

I don't get it.

Head Dude said...

Let's just say that last time I checked, Natalie Portman's "people" controlled the media.

The Franchise said...

Oh, I think Britney is just as dedicated to her role as Portman was... it's just that her role is being a psycho white trash burnout!

vwz said...

Am I the only person who is still waiting to hear what the Undude has to say about Brady?

ThadisRad said...

I'm just glad he found a decent receiver... Reche Caldwell would definitely have dropped the sperm.

Certainly I'm a little disappointed with Tom; fathering children out of wedlock is not the Undude way. Nor is having sex with supermodels, though, so really, who am I to judge?

Of course, Tom just lost a lot of money this weekend...