Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Unathlete of the Week Candidates

As per usual, comments and votes will be appreciated.

(1) Mike Krzyzewski: Perhaps the game's greatest coach, in the area of failing to make in-game adjustments, showed why he is the greatest in two games this past week. Despite Virginia's 2nd best player playing with cramps in the game's last 8 minutes and the team resorting to end-of-bench warm bodies inside, Krzyzewski failed to capitalize on the matchups and looked absolutely inept on offense for the game-ending stretch in Duke's midweek loss to Virginia. Krzyzewski then followed it up with another stinker in which the team blew a 27-10 1st half lead and squandered another chance to win at the end - a chance given to Duke thanks to a questionable technical on the FSU Head Coach Leonard Hamilton and a dubious jump ball call on an offensive rebound.

(2) George Karl: Having been given a new Ferrari named Iverson to play with, George Karl seems to have some problems figuring out what to do with it. The Nuggets have now lost 5 of 6, with their only win coming in overtime against the lowly Blazers. Despite many whispers from experts that the Nuggets could be a dark horse, they are instead struggling to remain in the playoff picture.

(3) Neal Morgan: I would write a blurb here, but my calender for the next few hours looks pretty crowded.

My vote goes to Morgan.


Head Dude said...

Let it be said, and said again: The Dude abides. The Dude abides.

Two spot-on analyses, and then a cutting shot at another dude -- all the ingredients for a classic Weitao post.

I'll vote Morgan, if only because I want to see what picture Weitao finds to post, but all three are excellent candidates.

Anonymous said...

An advisory opinion...

Duke has the ball for the final shot versus Virginia. As mentioned in the post, Reynolds was cramping. In fact, even the announcers noted that he could barely walk as Duke dribbled won with a chance to win. And what do the Devils do? Call a freakin' timeout. Guess who was not back out on the court for the Cavs after the timeout?


ThadisRad said...

Wait, Rex Grossman turns in one the worst Super Bowl performances ever, and he's not nominated?! Oh, but I guess since three dudes were rooting for the Colts, he doesn't count... I guess when Neil O'Donnell handed Dallas Super Bowl XXX he wouldn't have earned a nomination either...

And I better not win Unathlete status just b/c I haven't sold my soul to a money-grubbing corporate lawfirm that offers unlimited funds and unlimited days off.