Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Unathlete of the Week: Nate Robinson

By a vote of two to one, and an additional advisory vote and explanatory post on a competing blog, Nate Robinson takes home this week's Unathlete of the Week for his dunking ineptitude (shown here during one of his 74 missed dunks on Saturday night). This does give me an opportunity to rehash one of my favorite reasons to dislike Nate Robinson.
On Nov. 30, 2006, with his team up by two points in the second quarter, Nate got loose on a steal and breakaway, and thought to himself, 'why don't I bounce the ball off the floor to myself, and do one of the stupendously spectacular missed dunks I'm so famous for!' Problem is that he never got the opportunity to miss the dunk - he was whistled for traveling before after he bounced the ball off the floor. Nate's Response? "I won't try it again unless we're up 20 points. That's spontaneous Nate. Spur of the moment."
Fast forward three weeks, Nate was one of the protagonists who escalated the Carmelo Anthony slapfest. Why did Nate take such offense to the Nuggets? "For what they did as in keeping guys in, I knew a foul was going to come. A hard one because we're not going to let guys keep dunking when they're up 20 and they have their starters in. It was a good clean hard foul. After that, it went downhill from there. They wanted to embarrass us. It was a slap in the face to us as a team and a franchise and we weren't going to let that happen."
Uhh... Irony???
So according to Nate Robinson, trying goofy dunks is not okay when the game is close - unless you're Nate Robinson, then you're just being spontaneous. Trying goofy dunks is also not okay when the game is out of hand, because then you're embarassing the opponent, UNLESS of course, you're Nate Robinson. Glad that's cleared up.


Head Dude said...

Hmm, based on that additional evidence, I think the vote is justified. Though let the record show I still don't like Jared Dudley either. Or Sean Marshall.

The Franchise said...

Yes, this was a good week for Unathlete of the Week candidates despite it being a fairly slow week for the sports world at large. I'm sure once baseball starts up Joel will be nominating Carlos Lee every week and Vic and I will be countering by nominating Sosa...

Grizzly said...

I would have given an advisory vote to Sean Williams' hair, had that been an option.

But that's nice work, Vic. Excellent piece of journalism turning that quote around on Nate, esp a guy like him.

He's gonna be so pissed when he gets to your blog this afternoon!