Thursday, February 22, 2007

Vagina Alert

Look, I know dislocating one's shoulder is probably a painful experience, but a wee bit melodramatic to ask for a wheelchair when your arm hurts, no?

This dude's the king of playing up his injuries to try and look heroic when he returns. He seemed to suffer a devastating injury four times in last year's Finals, only to return the next game.

And dang it, now tonight's rematch just lost a lot of the excitement.


vwz said...

Nice post title - a not-so-subtle ploy to draw more hits...

If Dirk had any leadership qualities, he would sit out tonight's game, so the Mavs could get their revenge fair and square - without either team's best player.

As we've all seen, however, Joel celebrates all wins, including those against teams playing without their best player.

Grizzly said...

how to draw more hits... piss off the Kentucky faithful. It really was awesome. I was all over their message boards - quite an honor.

Head Dude said...

Kane's right. I had a good friend in law school from Kentucky and UK fans are the most sensitive out there.