Thursday, March 29, 2007

And Fans of Defense in the NBA Quietly Wept

(A.K.A. maybe this is why the Suns will have trouble winning it all this season...)

Just thought I'd share this: I'm watching the second half of TNT's NBA doubleheader, and after a thrilling finish to the Bulls-Pistons game, the score after three minutes of the Suns-Warriors game is... Warriors 18, Suns 6!

The lesson, of course, is that if you have a loser team like Golden State, at least make it fun to watch!


The Franchise said...

Update from California, it's Warriors 45, Suns 33 at the half.

No wait, it's the end of the first quarter!

The Dude said...

Who is this imposter posing as Jason Richardson?!? Where is the happily-chucking but seldom-making J Rich I've been used to all season??!?! I imagine that Head Dude probably does not want to see GS as the 8 seed - that team actually matches up well with Dallas for some reason, just as NOK matches up well with Houston

Anonymous said...

Far from it. The warriors might get one game on us, but the playoffs aren't the regular season and I'd rather play them than the clippers, who have experience. Which isn't to say they'll win more than a game either.

Anonymous said...

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