Monday, March 19, 2007

Athlete and Unathlete(s) of the Week

I'll leave it to the dude to nominate more candidates, but I have one for each:

Athlete of the Week
Mike Modano: Became the all-time leading American-born goal-scorer in the NHL with his 502nd and 503rd career goals against the Nashville Predators over the weekend. Certainly, Modano is famous (or infamous, depending on your view) amongst the Committee, and a milestone such as this cannot go without mention. In honor of NHL '98...Modanoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Unathletes of the Week
The Nashville Predator organization: Modano both tied Joe Mullen's record and broke it in Nashville. How did the Predator organization honor the feat -- by doing nothing! Instead, the fans booed each time he scored, most vociferously on the second goal because it came after a Nashville defender named Tootoo (no joke) had just checked Modano. Stars' President Jim Lites said it best:

"Their owner, management, public relations people, coaching staff – I think they all failed the game," Lites said. "It's because of people like Mike Modano that they even have a team in Nashville. He has helped pioneer the game in the South, and for him to be treated like that in a milestone moment ... it's just a horrible thing."

The fact Modano was approaching Joe Mullen's record for goals scored by an American-born player was not mentioned over the arena's public address system Saturday. Nothing was said when Modano tied Mullen at 502 goals nor when Modano broke the record at 503. Instead, the crowd booed Modano for his part in a skirmish that led to Tootoo being penalized and continued to boo him the rest of the night.

"I understand it's a competitive situation, but we're also working together to sell the game," Lites said. "They get more money from revenue sharing than any team in the league, they voted against the new schedule because they wanted to have an easier schedule for themselves. They take and take and take and take and never give back, and I'm sick of it."

Very undude indeed.


The Dude said...

Only thing I have to add is that I'm going straight from Vegas to Miami for work this week and have no access to my laptop. So I can't scour the internet for unathlete candidates. I agree with Izzy's selection for unathlete (it's unathletes' turn to shine). Let's not forget that Kane nominated Dirk for unathlete earlier in the week. I also nominate Kevin Durant's teammates for their inexplicable refusal to pass the ball to Durant yesterday. Huh???

The Dude said...
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ThadisRad said...

Our two big posts today discuss arguments among NHL presidents and women's basketball gambling. Is there a more irrelevant website than ours?

The Dude said...

Does anyone else find that the Undude does way more bickering about the Blog than actually contributing to the Blog?

ThadisRad said...

I actually meant that in an endearing way... I love DudeSpin for the same reasons I love the dudes.