Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fraudulent Athlete of the Week: Jason Richardson

Congratulations to Jason Richardson on winning Athlete of the Week Honors in the past week. A note on the selection process - I counted Joel's vote as a 1/2 vote for Leandro Barbosa and a 1/2 vote for the Suns team; I counted Tylwalk's vote as a 3/5 vote for the fake person he voted for (under the DudeSpin constitution fake people count as 3/5 of a real person for voting purposes), and I couldn't figure whether Undude had attempted to lodge a vote or not, or for whom he voted.
Under these circumstances, I declare Jason Richardson this week's winner! Congratulations Jason!

(Note: After a recount, voter fraud has been declared in this week's Athlete of the Week and the rightful winner has been recognized. Please see the post above!)


The Franchise said...

I demand a hand recount of Undude's vote! If he, too, voted for Captain America, Steve Rogers wins by the narrowest margin in DudeSpin Athlete of the Week history, 6/5 to 1!

ThadisRad said...

Head Dude mentioned this early, but I think Vic is letting this blog get to his head. He acts like a megalomaniac, creating all these rules and making up vote totals. Clearly the Cap has won the honor.

Not since HD ditched us after the Avery story has ego been so rampant.

The Franchise said...

I will dig up a picture of Captain America later tonight so he gets the honor every fictitious American ehro deserves!

Head Dude said...

Oh Captain my Captain!
It's nice to see the ego discussions turned elsewhere for a change.
I'm pleased to be sending in the first Committee comments from New York. And come Friday, I look forward to logging in with a special report from the motherland!