Thursday, March 22, 2007

Doctor Howard -- Prophet

Just thought you'd like to know something very dude:

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader sent a letter to LeBron James – and copied it to media around the country Wednesday – imploring the Cleveland Cavaliers star to pressure Nike to improve working conditions for those employed in the shoe company's factories around the world.
An interesting aside: Nader and his group, League of Fans, listed examples in the letter of athletes who lend their influence or voice to social justice issues. The Mavericks' Josh Howard was one of eight athletes mentioned who, "all raised their voices against the war and occupation of Iraq."
Howard spoke out on the issue while he was in college and received hate mail, telling him an athlete should know his place.
"I said some things in college that all came true," Howard said. "I don't mind speaking out."


The Dude said...

This brings to mind that it's always disappointing for me to learn that one of the athletes/coaches that I respected is flawed (in my view) because of his/her conservative leanings, e.g. Mike Krzyzewski and Lance Berkman.

Along those same lines, I didn't take particular issue with Roger Clemens and/or Phil Garner being conservative. I dislike both, and expected both of them to be highly flawed individuals.

Head Dude said...

You dislike Phil Garner?