Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Dude Says Farewell to David Carr AND Brady Quinn

Yes, it appears that The Dude will have to say so long to the Texans long-time signal caller and any chance that he will be watching his personal favorite Brady Quinn wear a Houston jersey next season. is reporting that by the end of the day, Houston will send a second round pick to Atlanta for promising QB Matt Schaub.

With The Dude on assignment, I'll have to venture a guess at how he's feeling about the news. He's probably not that upset about saying goodbye to Carr, who may be the first QB in NFL history to spend more time on his backside than upright. I know he loves Quinn, but in typical Texans fashion, the buzz out of Houston was that they weren't going to move up in the draft to get him.

Now maybe we know why. I'm far from an objective viewpoint on this, but let me just add that if Schaub ends up having a better NFL career than Quinn, I'll be very, very surprised.

Oh well, at least you can look forward to many years of enjoying Reggie Bush, Dude. Oh wait...

I never get tired of that joke!


Head Dude said...

Perhaps the Texans will use their pick on John Talley, and combine him with Super Mario to create the most menacing DL/CB tandem ever to hit Reliant Stadium (at least in a home uniform).

The Dude said...

The Texans appear to be an organization that is walking the wrong way on one of those one way walking ramps that you see in airport terminals. The more they try, the more they seem to revert back to where they started - a quarterback that shows some promise but has fallen far short of a proven commodity.

Of course, what concerns me is that they now appear to know how to draft (thanks Bob McNair, for the abomination that was Charley Casserly, the worst GM in the history of football), those 2nd round picks will come back to haunt them.

My other comment is that I immediately logged on to my favorite draft site expecting to see a new updated mock draft. Sadly, I was disappointed.

The Franchise said...

Ah, but if you read your favorite draft site and its coverage of the trade, you'll note that it said that swapping picks didn't change anything. Most ecuated guesses still have the Falcons taking Landry at 8 and your Texans taking Brown at 10, so no reason to re-do the mock draft!

Head Dude said...

$8 million/year for Schaub? Fantastic!