Friday, March 09, 2007

ESPN & Pokey Chatman

I hopped on ESPN just now and the Pokey Chatman story is occupying the second story slot, atop the sidebar, playing second fiddle to a Jayson Stark story about the comeback of Josh Hamilton.

With all due respect to coke addicts & Jayson Stark (who is my favorite ESPN baseball writer), there is no way that the Chatman story should play second fiddle to any other sports story going on right now (until Selection Sunday). You have the biggest rising star young coach in the profession, having led her team to 3 straight Final Fours, resigning right before the NCAAs amid allegations that she had improper sexual relations with multiple former players, including WNBA players.

I get that women's college hoops is still a sport on the margins; and that gay players and coaches are an accepted part of that sport. But, nonetheless, the male analogy would be Billy Donovan quitting because he was sleeping with Mike Miller and David Lee.

So why isn't ESPN giving this story the John Amaechi treatment? or even the Hollinger-Stein treatment??

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The Franchise said...

I think you may have answered your own question somewhere in your post. Now if there's a story that breaks about an Arena Football League coach sleeping with one of his players, you know that's getting the Top Story treatment!