Monday, March 05, 2007

Henderson, Schmenderson

I didn't see the Henderson-Hansborough play that apparently has ACC country buzzing today. Frankly, I don't like to watch garbage time in basketball (as an aside, I never understood why the students in our day always buzzed whenever Jay Heaps or Justin Caldbeck got into the game. If I wanted to watch mediocre basketball, I'd go down to the Y, where I might even get to play in a game or two). But after watching the replay, I was impressed that Hansborough was still scrapping and fighting for boards in garbage time, and bounced back up from the hit with the resiliency of a fighter.

And you know who that didn't remind me of? Josh McRoberts.

McRoberts seems content to drift around the perimeter on offense, and make his (largely ineffectual) up-and-under movers in the paint. To his credit, McRoberts gives great effort on defense and cleans the glass. But until he can channel some of Hansborough's disposition to dominate at both ends of the floor, McRoberts will remain an incomplete player who has fallen well short of the (possibly unfair) expectations bestowed upon him at the beginning of the season.

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