Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Most Troubling Development

DudeSpin tipster Rachel Cohen reports that the University of Texas plans to "go hard" after Journey coach Gail Goestenkors this summer as the replacement for Jody Conradt. Needless to say, this is troubling on many fronts. For this particular DudeSpin contributor, who loves the Journey and, by the same token, hates all things burnt orange, Goestenkors coaching Texas would be like Yao Ming playing center for the Mavericks; or Craig Biggio playing for the Yankees; or Barack Obama being the Prime Minister of Canada.

University of Texas - Keep your dirty little longhorns to yourself, stay away from G...

And Coach G, let me be one of the first to say, please don't go; you are already an icon for Duke, and so much more of a legacy to create. You've always told us to enjoy the journey; I, for one, think the Journey would go just fine without a detour to Austin.


Head Dude said...

I don't see what the appeal would be of going to Texas -- women's basketball is fourth fiddle -- after men's basketball and baseball and WAY after football. It's one thing for Mack Brown to leave for Texas, but the ACC has become the premier women's conference and she's coaching one of the 4 or 5 premier programs, so maybe if this was 15 years ago, Texas would be a promotion, but wouldn't this be a demotion?

Anonymous said...

The issue is that with the resources at their disposal, Texas could easily double or triple Gail's base salary. And provide additional staff members and other operational considerations not currently in place for the Women's program at Duke.

If you care about keeping Coach G at Duke, I suggest that (short of showing up at the Allen Building with an armored car full of cash) that you write President Broadhead in support of doing the right thing for the best women's coach in the nation.