Saturday, March 10, 2007

Now This is Just Embarrassing...

Regular DudeSpin readers may remember that I made this generous offer to Mark Cuban a while back, offering the services of the Dude Committee to copy edit Blog Maverick. Some of the other DudeSpin contributors seemed to suggest that because Cuban was a billionaire, he shouldn't have to bother with inconveniences like grammar and spelling.

I let it go for a while, but after reading Thursday's post at Blog Maverick I felt the need to share:

This past week I decided to supoena Google to get the names of users that were uploading copies of our movies. I have no intention of pulling an RIAA and suing the users. I do have every attention of sending supoenas early and often to get the names and emails of users uploading our content they have pirated.

Why ? To learn.

I expect that the users will have given fake information, but i want to confirm that is the case. It will be a useful data point. ( I will be interesting to see if when there is ultimately a legal battle, that the courts will allow a company to present itself as a hosting company when it has no idea who ANY of its customers are and it has no business model that creates revenues from hosting.) I suspect that from time to time we will get the emails and actually be able to make contact with users. That is when it could get interesting. I want to ask them some simple questions. The first of which is why ? Sure there are a lot of possible and obvious answers, but maybe the will tell me something new or interesting that I can learn from.

The 2nd question will be whether they were induced by Google in any way to upload the video. Not that I think Google coerced them in any way. I don't. But I want to know if they feel that Google endorses and supports uploading and streaming of pirated content. I want to know why they ignored the warnings that are on the video upload page.

Knowledge comes not just from supoenas.
The "challenge" for DudeSpin readers is to spot the misspelled word. Hints: it's a legal term, and it's used several times.

So I repeat my offer. For just $5 million a year - a pittance for a billionaire, and quite a bit less than the Mavs are paying Austin Croshere - you can have your blog posts edited by two lawyers, a freelance writer and an English teacher, and we'll have your crusade against Google and YouTube looking and sounding sharp.

How about it Mark?

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The Dude said...

Fortunately Franchise, you can email your request to Mark directly at

He had responded to one of my emails before; I didn't keep it unfortunately, and I don't remember what I asked or how he responded.