Sunday, March 18, 2007

Nuggets Show Mavs How to Handle Those Annoying Suns

I know that it didn't escape Head Dude's notice even while he was overseas, but this is how you beat the Suns at their own game. Not that I expect the Mavs (or The Dude's Rockets) to be able to duplicate Denver's plan of attack, since Dallas doesn't have a one-two punch like Carmelo and A.I. Let the outrage commence!

Meanwhile, even Undude's beleaguered squad got in on the NBA fun last night, ending 17 years of futility in San Antonio. Hopefully, losing to the Celtics at home will stop John Hollinger from writing that the Spurs are the best team in the NBA!


Head Dude said...

It was a wild night, no doubt. In the end, the Mavs kind of won by losing Wednesday night. Had they won in regulation, the Suns would've been fresh and might not have dropped two straight. Instead, the bottom line is the Mavs are up 5 in the loss column again, and even if we lose a few on this upcoming road trip, still in great shape for the top seed. You get the feeling either the Suns or Spurs may have to beat both the Nuggets and the Suns or Spurs to get to the conference finals. That's tough sledding!

ThadisRad said...

Why would the Celtics win that game?! It's one thing to beat a crappy team now and then to disguise the tank job, but to beat the Spurs is straying rediculously far from the game plan. This is why I don't follow the NBA.

And with head dude away, I think it's important that all of us note that last night Mike Modano scored two goals and became the top US-born scorer in NHL history. Now, I can only assume that puts him somewhere around 130th all time when you count Canadians and Russians and other undesireable foreigners, but still, when a Dude Legend like Modano does something, it needs to be noted here.


Head Dude said...

Indeed, I've been meaning to make a post. Certainly he should win Athlete of the Week honors going away.