Saturday, March 03, 2007

Perfection Denied

I guess the round number of 30 seemed like as good of a number as any to call it quits; and truth be told, the Journey could not have picked a better game, or a better coach, to witness the end of its run at perfection.

After a two month leave to undergo cancer treatment, Kay Yow returned to her team in late January and has since led the Wolfpack to 10 wins in 11 games, including an emotional win against No. 2 UNC on the night when NC State renamed its floor Kay Yow Court and the latest victim of the Pack's slingshot - previously unbeaten Duke.

Much has changed since the Dude Committee covered ACC women's hoops - even Jim Davis at Clemson stepped down from his head coaching position to the front office. But Yow, along with Debbie Ryan of Virginia, Sylvia Hatchell from UNC and Gail Goestenkors has remained, and form arguably, the Mount Rushmore of ACC Women's Hoops coaches.

But Yow's return is made even more remarkable by the guiding of her team back from an 8 point deficit with around 6 minutes left against the Journey.

Congratulations Coach Yow. Today, you were better than perfect.


The Franchise said...

Very nice. That was vintage Dude minus a little bit of copy editing!

I still think The Journey can finish the job this year...

vwz said...

The significance of this loss will be whether it knocks Duke out of the no. 1 overall slot for seeding purposes. I think not, and thus permitting the Journey to go through Raleigh and then Greensboro to the Final Four.

ThadisRad said...

I think maybe now the Journey has learned its lesson and will begin wearing the pink ribbon like the classier UNC program.