Friday, March 23, 2007

Some Speculation on G to Texas

Taking the Franchise's advice, I've incorporated my comment on Head Dude's previous post into its own post and added some more of my own commentary in parenthesis.

A well-informed DudeSpin tipster has dropped the following two cents on why
G may actually leave Duke for Texas:

1. G makes roughly $200,000 or so - about half what Johnny Dawkins makes (I understand why Duke is paying Johnny what it's paying him; Duke realizes that he could get a major head coaching gig elsewhere if he wants - Dawkins is being paid to stay in Durham and be groomed as the heir apparent to K; but there is still no reason why G's salary should be the same as Head Dude's; Pat Summitt and Geno Auriemma both make around $1 million a year; there's no reason why G shouldn't make at least $750k)

2. G has been frustrated with a lack of support from Duke on certain things - no full-time promotions director, no chartered planes for road trips, etc. (I would be frustrated as well. I understand that the Journey isn't a cash cow like the Vision; but why isn't Duke paying $70k [I'm assuming that's how much it's going to take] to hire Yak2 to be the full-time women's promotions director?? In fact, with the Franchise's permission, I might nominate him to Richard Brodhead as a candidate. The Franchise has the requisite background in women's basketball, Duke basketball, an keen understanding of the women's basketball fanbase from his work covering ACC women's basketball and managing Hershey Park. Of course, the Franchise taking the job might be contingent on his not making 6 figures from his gig. The Athletics Department should also make sure that the Journey receives the same treatment as the women's programs at Tennessee and/or Connecticutt. If the Journey aspires to be at that level on a permanent basis; it must start treating the program like it's already there).

3. Rumors indicate that Texas is willing to pay out 750,000 a year and give G whatever support she wants. (Normally, I would give Texas credit. But this is the University of Texas, and I think I just vomited in my mouth typing that last sentence.)

4. The Tipster, contrary to what we might believe, thinks that Texas is one of the best jobs in the business - dedicated fan base, lots of support, commitment to winning, and the best high school talent in the country. (I disagree - see reasons cited by Head Dude in DudeSpin's first post on Texas's interest in G.)

5. G has a pipeline in Texas with Lindsey Harding this year and Karima Christmas next year, and currently leading for one of the top juniors in the country. (G can get a recruiting pipeline going anywhere; she doesn't need to be in Texas.)

6. Joe Alleva (one of the worst AD in history) is doing his usual in telling people that it's Brodhead's decision, not his. The Tipster comments that, "This is the sort of steely-eyed leadership we're used to from him - passing the buck while putting his foot in his mouth. If Gail leaves and the perception is that there's a glass ceiling at Duke for women's coaches, there's no way Duke would be able to get a top-flight replacement. The obvious successor would be Joanne Boyle, but I'm not sure she'd take the job under those circumstances." (I remain puzzled as to why Joe Alleva still has a job; he has made two terrible hires - Hillier and Franks - oversaw the baseball steroid scandal and allowed the lacrosse program to spin out of control, notwithstanding the imminent dismissal of the sexual assault charges).

In providing some comforting words of reassurance, the Tipster believes that G would "prefer to stay at Duke, and my sense isthat she'd accept a good-faith offer of a raise if Duke would pony up for the other things she wants as well."

Obviously, it seems that much will depend on what the University and the athletics department will do for G. As far as this DudeSpin contributor is concerned, they better make an all-out effort to retain G. Schools simply cannot afford to lose potentially iconic coaches in the middle of their coaching careers. The Tipster suggests that concerned alums should write President Brodhead directly to voice desire to retain one of the top 3 women's basketball coaches in the country. I plan to do just that, and will post the letter on this website. I urge all DudeSpin readers to do likewise.

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The Franchise said...

Dude, I have this to say re: your suggestion - if nominated, I will run, and if elected, I will serve...