Sunday, March 04, 2007

Throwing it down Big Fella!!

Word out of Houston is that the Big Fella will be back Monday night against Cleveland. Yao Ming could not have timed his return any better, as his team is reeling from an embarassing blowout loss at home to a Tony Parker-less San Antonio Spurs squad.
Yao's return is likely to reinvigorate a Rockets squad that has quietly slipped to third in the Dude NBA Power Rankings:
(1) Dallas
(2) Phoenix
(3) Houston
(4) San Antonio
DudeSpin fans, it won't be long before DudeSpin publishes a story on the controversy at the top between the Dude Rankings and the Gold Star Rankings.


Head Dude said...

Gee, the Spurs must be frustrated to kick Houston's ass all over the court without their point guard, build a 5-game lead on Houston with their eighth straight win, and still rank below the Rockets in Weitao's rankings.
Until proven otherwise, Houston is no better than sixth in the league right now, behind the Pistons.

vwz said...

The Spurs were missing a top 10 PG; we were missing a league MVP - huge difference

Head Dude said...

Yes Dude, in that same magical fantasy Weito-land where the Rockets reign supreme, Yao manages to play 50 games a year and still win the MVP.

Head Dude said...

An inauspicious start for the league MVP.