Sunday, March 18, 2007

Vegas Wrap-Up

The last I left you, I was about to head down to a NL tournament with the expectation of running into Jose Canseco at the final table. Unfortunately, Jose wasn't there, and I wasn't anywhere near a final table. I received no playable hands and as the big blind increased to roughly 1/5 of my stack, I went all in with pocket 5s in a 7 handed table, only to run into pocket 10s.

After striking out using Sagarin ratings on day 1, I played hunches the rest of the way and won 7 of 9 sports bets, with still a surefire bet on the Journey winning the NCAAs remaining.

My bets on friends' teams paid off (aggies and rebels), my bets on my teams paid off (rockets and usc against Texas), my bets playing random hunches paid off (Oregon v. Winthrop). But the deities still dealt me a lesson I would not soon forget.

The line was achingly tantalizing, Duke -50 v. Holy Cross. Of course, I've never gambled on the Journey before, and I've certainly never seen a 50 point line before. As I thought about a bet that I was surely going to make, I suddenly realized the element of... well... rooting for some hard working players to get embarrassed any time you take the favorite and lay 50 points. I, of course, have nothing against Holy Cross, except for their nickname invoking episodes of religious fanaticism and warfare. In fact, one of my best friends from law school went to Holy Cross. That being said, I don't get to bet on the Journey too often (or ever).

By Sunday afternoon, when the line had dipped to 47.5 points, I decided to take the Journey (hey, a 48 point loss isn't THAT embarrassing). Obviously, the Journey didn't quite beat the spread, and my wallet is thinner by $10. But the lesson, of course, is that the Journey is sacred - it isn't something trifling that I can commodify and/or leverage as money making tool. It is what it is - something to be enjoyed; something to be a part of; something to cherish.

And this year, it might just end with something much more beautiful than a cover of a 47.5 point spread.


Head Dude said...

Hmmm, a touching story, but I was still dealing with the shock of the Franchise, well, starting his own franchise, and found it a bit difficult to focus.
Surely, as I sit in the middle of a notoriously war-heavy region, we're not witnessing the start of another?

The Franchise said...

For every comment you post to give me a hard time, I promise to post one telling you not to worry. So here's another one. Be safe!