Saturday, March 31, 2007

Voepel Weighs in On Goestenkors; Fans Rally On Campus

Alas, I got so caught up in providing DudeSpin with its reader-attracting dose of Pokey Chatman yesterday that I missed this well-written column on the choice facing Gail Goestenkors by Mechelle Voepel, women's hoops writer extraordinaire. She basically breaks the decision down to money and tradition versus something you built from the ground up, and in that respect, I can see why it's not something you take lightly. I just get stuck on one of Voepel's observations - that Texas is a name that was synonymous with progress for women's athletics in the 80's - and wonder if that's still as true today.

Meanwhile, I'd like to think that at least The Dude and I were there in spirit when 200 fans rallied behind Cameron to try to convince Gail to stay. It's interesting that the AP story names Greg Paulus and Martynas Pocius as two of the fans in attendance. No word on whether Paulus committed any turnovers while he was in the crowd.


Head Dude said...

Unfortunate, though, that neither Brodhead nor Alleva saw fit to show up. Wasn't Brodhead leading chants for K with the megaphone three summers ago?

ThadisRad said...

While I also wasn't there, I do think that this would have been a very appropriate time to see our two favorite white guys in suits.

While I think it's interesting to note that many articles talk about the tradition of Texas, as someone a) not from Texas and b) relatively new to womens sports, I don't look at Texas and say, "wow, what a great tradition. what a great job." Maybe this is my ignorance, but I think many fans to the womens game are new and don't see the tradition either. When I think of Texas, I think of football, football, Kevin Durant in a Celtic uniform, baseball, more football, men's hoops, and obnoxious people. Somewhere near the bottom comes women's sports.

I think the Triangle and Maryland has a pretty sweet thing going in women's hoops land, and G has a ton to do with that. Of course, if they are offering tons of cash, tons of support, and make her feel appreciated (which she probably does not feel at Duke), then more power to her if she leaves.

I think DudeSpin should use its shirt money to purchase

The Dude said...

Two bits of news:

- Our adsense earnings are up to $4.35

- is already taken; nothing on the website, however.

Head Dude said...

Perhaps the Committee and all of its readers can spend next weekend at K-Ville/Boyle-Ville chanting Joe Must Go for hours on end if G leaves this week.

I agree with undude's analysis. Just because UT had a legendary women's coach, who hasn't won anything in years, doesn't replace the fact that football is king, prince, and crown prince, with some attention now given to men's hoops, traditional support for baseball, and crumbs for women's hoops. At least at Duke, she's second fiddle and not fourth.