Saturday, March 31, 2007

Warning Shot Fired?

This Dude rivalry gets far less attention, but after posting winning records against every other elite Western team, the Stars finally got the monkey off the back in dramatic fashion last night in Detroit. 3 goals in the last 9 minutes force OT, and a top shelf move by Zubie over Haseks wins it in the shootout. It's a shame DudeSpin isn't more into hockey, because the absolute madness of the top 7 seeds in the West still playing for spots 1-7 makes the last few weeks of the NHL season a wild dash, and makes certain that any team could make a run for the Cup. Could the fans be rewarded with a Stars/Wings clash at the same time the Mavs and Rockets threaten to do battle?!


The Dude said...

How did hockey get on my DudeSpin??

How did hockey get a Dude News label?

The Franchise said...

It got a Dude News label because it involves two Dude teams! Just like Nuggets-Celtics would get a Dude News label if...

a) They played more than once a year.


b) Even Undude and I cared enough to post about it.

Deal with it!