Monday, March 05, 2007

WWE Inks Duke's Henderson

Stamford, CT - A World Wrestling Entertainment official, speaking upon condition of anonymity, confirmed Monday that the company had completed a multi-year deal with Duke men's basketball player Gerald Henderson.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Not much is known about the wrestling background of Henderson, but the official said the promotion considers him a rising star because fans around the country are already familiar with his finishing manuever, the Blue Devil Bash - a combination elbow/forearm smash that can leave his opponents bloody.

The source added that he expects Henderson to be pushed as a face, or good guy, "except when we do shows in Chapel Hill."


vwz said...

Gerald should be wary of the path of Chris Masters... As best as I know from my very limited knowledge of wrestling, Masters has some signature manuever which he mis-executed in his 1st match and broke his opponent's nose... Of course, Gerald already has that out of the way, so maybe he can move directly into staging Henderson-Lock contests.

Grizzly said...

i like to think of my distatse for hansborough as similar to the distate non-dukies fely about redick. i know ty can play, but i can't stand him.

imagine how excited people would have been to see rashawn terry break redick's nose last year. (of course, terry would never be allowed to play basketball again.)

Head Dude said...

I thought this dude on fox sports actually said it best about "poor" Hansborough.